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Dec 3, 2006 07:31 PM

New Year's Eve Dinner Recs in Suburban or Downtown Philly...?

Starting to think about dinner reservations for New Year's Eve... any suggestions? The wife and I are fairly adventurous, but tend to avoid fixed price menus. As far as areas, we would be driving up from northern Maryland, so we are literally open to any/all areas - from downtown, to all areas surrounding.

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  1. Where is everyone else going?

    1. going to a party, not out, but I can try & help. Originally from MD- any ideas yet? I see we have similar Sabs taste. What type of food do you want?

      1. We are pretty open in terms of cuisine. Over the past few years, we have stayed in the Baltimore area - mostly Annapolis restaurants (Lewne's Steakhouse, O'Leary's). I do recall eating at Sisson's (Cajun/Creole) in Federal Hill one year (disappointing).

        I would say we do gravitate towards Cajun/Creole and Steakhouses - but we also love Thai, Italian, and Seafood!

        1. I would definitely try Carmine's Creole as a first option- my favorite restaurant here (in the burbs though). I always do their tasting menu b/c I love it, but they do have a full menu-always here the duck is great. The owner/chef is great & such a nice guy. Not sure what NYE status is. Another good one is High Street Caffe in West Chester, but more casual Jambalaya type restaurant.

          As far as non creole, Matyson is another favorite.

          As for Steakhouses, if you haven't tried Barclay Prime before that is a great one that you can't get in Balt/DC.

          No seafood in Philly if from MD- trust me I haven't found any yet. There are several good Italian places though.

          Good Luck!

          1. Thanks a bunch pamd... we have tried High Street Cafe - perfect description of it. We have heard a lot of good things about Carmine's Creole (especially the tasting menu). We really love the Creole Cafe in NJ (recently moved from Black Horse Pike - not sure of new address).

            I will have to talk with my better half about what she would prefer, and I will call both (Barclay Prime and Carmine's) to see what they are offering for NYE.

            Thanks again!