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Dec 3, 2006 07:16 PM

Anyone receive Food Newsletters?

And opinions thereof? a la Simple cooking, Curmudgeon report, asian foodbookery?

Are they worthwhile?

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  1. I briefly subscribed to David Rosengarten's newsletter, making the brief but unpardonable error of confusing him with Jeffrey Steingarten. Though the main newsletter (largely) did not suffer much from this, I found that there was too much solicitation for products that he would exclusively distribute and recommend, blurring the line between being an independent food reviewer and an entrepeneur.

    Honestly this mixed approach instantly turned me off to his newsletter, over and above my obvious error of mistaking it for a publication from T.M.W.A.E. (the man who ate everything)... I for one would love to see a newsletter from Steingarten. JS, are you out there somewhere?

    1. I agree I think a newsletter from JS would be wonderful. Judging from his articles he's written, and watching him ala Iron Chef, I I admire his honest approach to food. In my opinion, he doesn't seem to get carried away with the frilly nonsense or the "cutting edge" tactics and just reports honestly and sensibly about his idea of good taste and presentation.

      1. I get Rose Levy Barenbaum's "Real Baking with Rose" newsletter. Have only been subscribed for a month, so I'm not ready to post an opinion, but it has been useful so far.

        1. I get Ed Behr's The Art of Eating and John Thorne's Simple Cooking. I don't enjoy Thorne's writing or recipes that much so I won't re-up on simple Cooking. However, I adore The Art of Eating and read it cover to cover the second it arrives, including articles regarding foods, beverages, and cookbooks in which I have no interest whatsoever. It's that good.

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            Ah, I've always wondered if I should subscribe to that one (The Art of Eating)... It sounds like a wonderful newsletter. BTW do you have his book, and would you care to share any reviews on it if you do?

            1. re: cgfan

              I don't have his book, unfortunately so I can't comment, but it's on my radar screen. Enjoy the newsletter; it's a wonderful restaurant resource for traveling as well.

          2. I get Rosengarten's newsletter, and have ordered many of his recommended products -- all have been outstanding. The best of the best is the olive oil club: absolutely wonderful oils coming to the house every three months. I don't know if he gets kick-backs, and I don't care. All of his recommendations that I have tried have been spot-on.