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Dec 3, 2006 06:40 PM

AUTHENTIC Mexican in New Jersey?

As a transplanted Californian, I am looking for an AUTHENTIC Mexican restaurant (without the cheesy atmosphere), in the Central Jersey area. I'm not looking for Caribbean, Dominican, Cuban, or Tex-Mex; and I'm not willing to travel to New York. Anyone have a good suggestion?

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  1. El Meson, in Freehold, is owned and run by Mexicans. There is a significant Mexican population in Freehold and environs, and they eat there, so I presume the food's authentic enough for them. In any event, it's well-prepared and very tasty. The restaurant is fairly small with pleasant decor. A major plus during the warm weather months is the spacious outdoor patio. Note: There's a grocery at the rear of the interior that sells all sorts of Mexican products.

    1. Wander New Brunswick. The corridor near Route 27 is full of small taquerias that serve a mostly Mexican and Central American clientele.