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Dec 3, 2006 06:25 PM

Best cookies in Dallas

Any thoughts on best cookies in Dallas? was considering sending my cookie monster brother in San Jose some for holidays. If not Dallas, any mail-order "bests" also welcome. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The best cookies i have ever eaten in my life are at Pokey O's near the SMU bookstore. very cheap, too! google it, they have a website.

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        I have to second the suggestion of Tiff's Treats. Their cookies are wonderful. I particularly like the chocoalte chip and the sugar cookies. Although I enjoy Pokey-O's, I like Tiff's Treat better.

      2. I LOVE the cookies at JD's Chippery over by SMU in Snider Plaza. I have never shipped them though so not too sure how well they travel but I am sure the people there would know.

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        1. re: FLFoodie

          JD's Chippery is the very best. Fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh!

        2. Doughmonkey.

          Since Doughmonkey and two of the other recommendations you've received (JD's Chippery and Pokey O's) are within about a mile of each other, I would recommend you hit all three, picking up a couple of cookies at each to sample and decide which you like.


          1. I'll second Doughmonkey for the best cookies. They make a mind-blowing croissant aux amandes as well.

            JD's Chippery was always a bit oily for my taste.

            And everyone needs to try Pokey-O's at least once just for the decadent concept: Pick out any two fresh-baked cookies and squeeze ice cream between 'em. Wow.