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Best cookies in Dallas

Any thoughts on best cookies in Dallas? was considering sending my cookie monster brother in San Jose some for holidays. If not Dallas, any mail-order "bests" also welcome. Thanks!

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  1. The best cookies i have ever eaten in my life are at Pokey O's near the SMU bookstore. very cheap, too! google it, they have a website.

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      I have to second the suggestion of Tiff's Treats. Their cookies are wonderful. I particularly like the chocoalte chip and the sugar cookies. Although I enjoy Pokey-O's, I like Tiff's Treat better.

    2. I LOVE the cookies at JD's Chippery over by SMU in Snider Plaza. I have never shipped them though so not too sure how well they travel but I am sure the people there would know.

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        JD's Chippery is the very best. Fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh!

      2. Doughmonkey.

        Since Doughmonkey and two of the other recommendations you've received (JD's Chippery and Pokey O's) are within about a mile of each other, I would recommend you hit all three, picking up a couple of cookies at each to sample and decide which you like.


        1. I'll second Doughmonkey for the best cookies. They make a mind-blowing croissant aux amandes as well.

          JD's Chippery was always a bit oily for my taste.

          And everyone needs to try Pokey-O's at least once just for the decadent concept: Pick out any two fresh-baked cookies and squeeze ice cream between 'em. Wow.

          1. Yep, snickerdoodles at Doughmonkey are winner.


            1. Thanks all, this is very helpful. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I've been way behind on the cookie landscape of Dallas! I recently read something positive about Tiff's as well.

              1. Probably not a mail-order thing, but I'm eating a sugar cookie from Potbelly right now and DAMN! It's super-soft, almost raw in the middle (if you like that kind of thing, and I do) and satisfingly crunchy on the outside. And enormous. Fantastic!

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                  By enormous, do you mean the size of hub-caps?


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                    Potbelly makes some incredibly good cookies I must say.

                  2. No...more like the size of a salad plate.

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                      So not really "Texas" sized then :)


                    2. i had one of tiff's treats' oatmeal chocholate chips the other day. it was so good and it was still warm! i think pokey o's and jd's doesn't do warm cookies unless you get them early in the morning? not sure. but, the sandwiches at pokey o's are really good too. also, what happened to mrs. fields in downtown? anybody know?

                      1. Pokey O's, hands down. It's near SMU.... unbelievable cookies! One award they got was "Best Food Orgasm" ... enough said! And they ship 'em.

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                          Pokey O's tastes like cookies made from a mix to me. My absolute favorite cookie in Dallas is Whole Foods' ginger cookie. I have eaten a lot of cookies in Dallas, but it's the only one that I absolutely crave at all times.

                        2. Doughmonkey. Love their chocolate espresso cookies. Heard that they're closing the retail location, but mail order will be a vailable.

                          1. I love the oatmeal/white raisin cookies at Le Madelines

                            1. Girl Scouts 'Samoa' cookies.

                              Problem is: What is a perfect substitute the other 51 weeks of the year?

                              1. I just recently had Tiff's Treats here in Dallas. The cookies were pretty amazing. They delivered them hot from the oven to my office. My coworkers and I agree that those are the best cookies we have ever had anywhere not just in Dallas. They were the perfect mix of melt in your mouth softness with just a touch of crunch on the outside. I recommend the Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle.

                                1. I know this is an old thread but now that Doughmonkey is back open for business I would say theirs are the best with Pokey O's a close second.

                                  1. I am surprised this thread has recieved so much action considering the answer is quite clear: Doughmonkey makes the best cookie in Dallas.

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                                      I'd have to second that. They give snickerdoodle a whole new meaning with that Tasmanian honey.

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                                        My mouth is watering just thinking about the snickerdoodles. By the way Rhonda the pastry chef there is coming out (or possibly has already) a line of handmade truffles. If it is like everything else that place has done they will be out of sight!

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                                          I tried some when they were still testing them -- I visited on the right day, I guess. They were good, but whether I will buy them will depend on the price. From their website, it looks like they have rolled them out. I'd still go for a cookie over a truffle.

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                                            Tried one truffle at Doughmonkey, but I agree with 8 2 Much.

                                            Love the snickerdoodle. I know the chocolate cookie at Doughmonkey gets rave reviews. However, I don't care for coffee and can really pick up on the espresso. Still love Doughmonkey and Tiff's Treats.

                                            My new favorite? The chocolate chip oatmeal cookie at Jackie Spratt's. I guess others agree, as it's sold out a lot of times when I pop in.

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                                        I just tried Tiff's Treats yesterday and found them WAY too sweet. We had white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal choc chip, and choc. I like the ingredients in a cookie to be distinguishable, but I thought all three types just tasted like too much sugar.

                                        I wanted to check out Doughmonkey after reading this post, but their website says they are closed. I'm off to Pokey O's later this week then as my last surviving hope. =)

                                      3. Although I personally have not been there, Zita's Cookies in Carrollton has been getting a lot of very positive buzz lately.
                                        There's a blog about them currently on the DMN Eats blog.

                                        1. Thought I'd resurrect this thread as I bought some choco-chip from Market Street yesterday and they were ok, but not as rich and chewy as when they put them out <fresh from the oven> for taste testing.

                                          So, 4 years later..... with Doughmonkey a mere memory..... who currently has the best cookie?

                                          Though it's been awhile since I've made a purchase, Stein's has never let me down with proven and consistent offerings over many years. On a more, mom-made, pedestrian cookie-note, if you happen to catch the choco-chip or MM's cookies right out of the oven at Market Street, they're right up there. (You know they're oven fresh when they have them for taste-testing at the bakery counter)

                                          And what did happen to the very successful Doughmonkey?

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                                            Doughmonkey cited economy for its demise, they were doing catering until most recently they shuffled off to NOLA.

                                            I know you wanted cookies, but try these cakes from Chocolate by Zach located in Paper and Chocolate on Lovers. He only sells the cakes on Saturdays, and I believe he is on sabatical until the first of next month. But find such wonders as the "Taïnori" a Valrhona Grand Cru Single Origin dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic with 64% cacao. Cool stuff.

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                                              I really love the chocolate chip cookies from Creme de la Cookie in Snyder Plaza. My good friend and neighbor swears by the "sparkly fudgie" cookie which is a gluten-free cross between a brownie and a chocolate cookie. I've never been disappointed by their cookies!

                                              Also, by and large, Whole Foods (at least the Lakewood location) makes some delicious cookies. I personally love the lemon sugar and choco chip...

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                                                THANK YOU DKS1 for the gluten-free notation!! I'm going to see my celiac Dad next month and will be certain to pick up some of these for the take along. He'll be in heaven.

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                                                  You are right about the "sparkly fudgie". It's like the cookie version of a lava cake.

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                                                    Second those "sparkly fudgie" cookies from Creme d la Cookie.
                                                    I love all their baked goodies!