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Dec 3, 2006 06:06 PM

Anything Vegetarian at Oinkster?

Is the anything vegetarian on Oinkster's menu? My husband wants to check it out but I'm not sure there is anything for me to eat there.

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  1. Fries and a couple of side dishes would be all.
    will clarify.

    1. They have a veggie burger, plantains, most salads you can order without the chicken, garden salad has no chicken. If you order the fries, tell them you want vegetarian fries, other wise they are cooked in beef fat.

      1. my vegetarian friend was about to order the veggie burger for take out when they suggested a veg sandwich of some kind or other that she was pretty happy with. it may have been a special, though.

        sorry to say, the pulled pork sandwich I got was no great shakes, though. the fluctuating quality of this place is kind of astounding, given the pedigree. (I really liked the pastrami sandwich that was the first thing I got there.)

        1. Thanks all. I'll try the veggie burger...though I'm pretty partial to the one at The Counter in Santa Monica.