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Dec 3, 2006 05:55 PM

B&M Vegetarian Baked Beans, Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Utz pretzels in SC??

We moved to South Carolina from Connecticut in September. It's been a real fun adventure trying new vegetarian foods, but a little frustrating not being able to find some old favorites from our Yankee backgrounds! Does anyone know where we might find B&M Vegetarian Baked Beans, Utz Pretzels, and Turkey Hill Ice Cream? We live in Manning, which does not boast any great grocery stores, but we aren't far from Sumter, Columbia or Florence.

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  1. I think you can get B&M vegetarian baked beans at Kroger.

    1. This might not help but Costco in Charleston just got the big tub of stick pretzels in Charleston.

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        OOPs, I was in Costco yesterday and it was Snyders of Hanover pretzets and Utz Party Mix. But you are correct there are many things that you can not get here. I have lived all my life in the South but my father was from Nazareth PA. It was years that we would have to go back to PA to get lebanon bologna. And then maybe 10 years ago the Harris Teeter in Mt. Pleasant got it the Deli case and now even The Wali World has it. And it is Seltzer's brand both regular and sweet. I personally do not care for the sweet. I am veering off topic so I better get back. I do not think the migration of immigrants fom the Nawth is going to stop so BM veggie baked beans and Turkey Hill Ice Cream can't be far behind. Three cheers for diversity!

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          Thanks WienerHound, and everyone else!! Grocery shopping in a new area is fun, even if it means giving up some life-long loyalties to certain products! Hubby thinks Bush's baked beans not nearly as good as B&M, but he'll adjust! We'll just have to make do without frozen yoghurt, we haven't found anything down here to compare with Turkey Hill. Utz pretzels are great but I've found a surprisingly good substitute in our local BiLo brand. But you're right, as more Yanks migrate south, we'll probably see more northern brands as well, but even if we don't, the trade for better weather will always be worth it!!!!

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            Ohhhhh..... it was BUSH's baked beans at Kroger. But they're not bad - little sweet, but not bad.

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              Glory brand even though its home offices are in Columbus O. have a lot canned bean products but I would bet from the labeling it would have more of a Southern flava.

        2. if you have a sam's wholesale near you, give them a shot for the utz. i live in asheville, and our sam's stocks utz products.

          1. You might try Piggly Wiggly for B&M baked beans. I live in Columbia and I'm pretty sure I have bought them there before, however I can't remember whether they had the vegetarian ones and the regular ones or not. Might be worth a phone call to check and see. Those are the baked beans that take me back to childhood cookouts!

            1. I know how it feels to search for your old comfort foods. My best suggestion is to go online to the product's web sites. Some foods change their names and logos in other parts of the country. An example would be Hellmann's that is Best Foods outside of the northeast.