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Special Occasion Dinner w/ In-Laws & Parents-LV

My husband & I moved here last month from NY. We eloped here last year. His parents are from Englnd & they've never met my family who will be joining us as well. It will be our anniversary dinner, but also where everyone will become more acquainted.

Where would be a good spot for 6 of us to dine? Any cuisine is fine, not too casual or too stuffy.

We had our weddding dinner at Le Cirque. It was great, but unfortuantely we are on a bit of a tighter budget this year.

I thought maybe off strip at Pane Vino. I hear they have a great view.

We're in Henderson, so any area is fine, but for our gueats they might appreciate somewhere with a view...

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you haven't been already, Ventano's is in Henderson and would be an excellent choice. Great food, great view of the Strip in the distance (especially at dusk/night), and reasonable prices. I would call it mid-to-upscale, not really really fancy but certainly better than mid-scale. If anyone likes seafood they definitely should try the "Cioppino" (just in case you're not familiar with it, it's a fish soup/stew--the West Coast variant of bouillabaisse--their version lacked crab, but was loaded with other fish and shellfish). Shrimp On Stone is their signiture dish--I didn't order it but many orders went by our table and it sure smelled good. Very good oysters on the half shell.

    If you don't go with the family, try it by yourselves sometime.

    PS While we were there last week they were hosting a big family 50th anniversary dinner, so it seems to fit the special family get together place mold.

    1. Thanks John! I think we'll give that a go on our own. It does sound good, but not special enough perhaps...

      I think I'll revise my past post by changing our budget needs. I'm sure we won't be allowed to pay for our dinner anyway or any one else's for that matter.

      1. Then, if you want a view, I'd consider Alize at the Palms; very traditional but nicely done French food and a great view. Another option for the view is to go to Mix for a drink, and then head downstairs in MBay to Fleur de Lys for the food. I also love Bouchon, but there is no particular view....

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          P.S. My 72 year old Grandmother will be attending as well. She may pass out from a $20 app.

          A view isn't super important, but I thought the visitors might enjoy it...

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            After you indicated Ventano wasn't exactly what you were looking for, I thought about replying with exactly, almost word for word, the recomendations made by lvnvflyer, but decided to let it go and see what anybody else chimed in with. Hmmm.

            What price range are you thinking about? For any of the places around the strip which are above mid-scale (i.e. what your guests may be thinking about as "typical" LV places), I think you are going to be hard pressed to get out the door for much under 60-70 pp at dinner, assuming you are planning on a normal meal. Your grandmother may be in serious peril.

            Maybe for fun you should take them to the Peppermill! Not a culinary outing tho.

        2. we had dinner on our last visit at Mon ami gabi at Paris... the outdoor dining was fantastic with a view of the fountains... they don't take reservations for outside, but found that if you are there about 5ish, you should be able to get a seat with not much problem. Prices were very reasonable for a steak dinner, service was wonderful, and we saw multiple fountain shows.

          1. Thanks for all the advice!

            I think I'm a bit confused. I don't know what I want. Well, I do, but...I think I was just hoping I missed that hidden gem that I hadn't already heard of. I do know that getting a nice meal is not possible for less than $60-70/pp.

            I guess we'll just wing it.

            Alize does sound great. Or perhaps Andre's. I was checking out Fleur de Lys menu as well, looks tasty.

            I'll keep you posted as to our destination.

            1. Rosemary's? No view but you can do the touristy thing later and they'll get the view then.

              1. Have you thought of Todd's Unique. It's in Henderson, if that's a plus. Many posts about it on Chowhound. http://www.toddsunique.com/menu.php

                1. Todd's is great, and you could easily get out in your price range. If there is any option of having your dinner on a Wed., you can bring in two bottles of wine for the table with no corkage, which is both fun and cuts your costs back.

                  If everyone in your family is good with places like Alize/Andre's, I would recommend both as well as Fleur de Lys and Bouchon. Bouchon will be a tad less expensive, and i think the food is fantastic. It can be a touch rackety (tile floors) but there are some booths/banquettes to the side that are pretty quiet (including some booths that seat six, which is a nice touch) If there are any very conservative eaters, you might also consider Joe's Stone Crab at the Forum Shops. It's quite nice, with a menu that will appeal to everyone, and the food is very well prepared. It's a very traditional, clubby room. The wait service is terrific; the reception/maitre d', less terrific. The bone in filet is excellent. No view, but you can stroll the forum shops before or after.

                  1. I'm thinking either Rosemary's or Todd's on Saturday, as Mom's "friend" read: ld boyfriend will be here as well.

                    We'll definitely do Bouchon for breakfast, as they make the most delectable pastries. I used to be a Pastry Chef, so I often miss those delights.

                    So I think we're leaning towards Alize, Fleur de Lys or by recommendation from our friends Hanks @ GVR. That being said, Hank's is in the same price bracket as the others & I can make a great steak at home...

                    I'm narrowing down the choices at last.

                    Thanks to all of you for your assistance!

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                      The food at Todd's and Rosemary is very close in quality. The main difference is that Rosemary's is much more upscale in service, table setting, etc. Todds has many booths, and is more crowded IIRC. So it depends on what type of setting you want. Of course, neither of them will give your group the Las Vegas experience they probably are expecting--for that, you need to get closer to the Strip (e.g. Alize) or on the Strip (any of the "name" restaurants in the hotels).

                      Your original hope was to find a really nice place that was a "hidden gem" and had hidden gem prices. That place is Rosemary's. There really are no "hidden gems" on the Strip IMO--they are all well known, and they are basically all priced in accordance with what you get (one exception might be the Steakhouse at Circus Circus, but I don't think that is what you are looking for).

                      Enjoy. Let us know how it turns out.

                    2. Okay, so I hestitated so long in making up my mind, we missed out on reservations for Rosemary's on Saturday night. Instead, we'll dine at Bouchon.

                      I still haven't decided about the anniversary dinner, but I am beginning to lead towards The Olive Garden. Ha-ha, just kidding.

                      Hesitation kills!

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                        Fiamma at MGM would be a great choice.

                      2. So, we ended up at Bouchon one night for dinner & I loved it.
                        I had the Beignets de Brandade & they were the crispiest, most delicious fish morsels ever!
                        For my entree, Braised Pork. Now, that was excellent! I will go back just for that. It melted in your mouth. The sauce was wonderful & the Pain de Perdue went nicely. I had a near airly Creme Brulee for dessert. The Husband had the Pate, which we both loved. Followed by Moules Frites. Which he didn't love so much, but the Frites are the best. Others had the Lamb Special, which all enjoyed. Some oysters, chilled mussels & butternut squash soup for apps.
                        I can't stop dreaming of the pork.

                        For our anniversary, we were both sick as well as my Mother In-Law. We couldn't be bothered in the end to go all out so we settled for Indian.

                        Please see my reply to the "Origin India" post. We'll return there shortly.

                        Thanks to all for your assistance & time...

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                          Thanks for your report back, which often is neglected in these "advice please" threads. It's nice to hear how advice on the board is used. Glad you enjoyed Bouchon. I've only had breakfast there myself, but it's clearly one of the good places in town. Also interesting in that it shows what can happen when a famous chef does a different type of restaurant rather than simply trying to replicate his previous successful format elsewhere.