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Dec 3, 2006 04:56 PM

Florence for Christmas

My family will be in Florence December 22-26. Do you think we will have trouble finding a restaurant for dinner on Christmas Eve and/or Christams Day? Any recommendations? We will also be in Padova, Lucca, Bologna & Venice, so any other suggestions would be great (probably not super expensive/formal places, however)Thanks!

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  1. I am also in Florence during the festive period. Do some restaurants shut then?

    1. I've spent a few Christmas holidays in Florence and have found that during that time, many restaurants were closed. It's been a few years so perhaps things have changed. I will be there for the week between Christmas and New Years so will post if I've found out more info once I've done more research. We are renting an apartment near the Duomo and will surely cook in on Christmas day, but would definitely love a Christmas Eve recommendation if anyone has one.

      1. We arrived in Florence on Christmas day in 2003. The restaurant next to our apartment was open for lunch, but not for dinner and I had a devil of a time finding something open nearby that evening. We stayed on the Piazza Santa Croce.

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          Noon opening-evening closing is a pretty common italian holiday pattern and reflects that noon is the time when Italians will have there holiday meal. Also that restauranteurs want to take an evening off. We have usually wound up cooking on holiday eaves for this reason. There will be open restaurants in hotel areas though - hopefully you will bet ther early enough to scout around for a meal.

        2. I know this is late but, I was in Florence over Christmas and the only place opened is 4 leoni ( Good food, FANTASTIC staff but busy. So make a reservation ahead of time