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Dec 3, 2006 04:48 PM

I need a new burrito in my life. Any suggestions?

It's time to sample a new burrito. So you know....

My favorite is probably El Parian. I also enjoy Yuca's, Fast Taco (Santa Monica), King Taco, Juanita's (Eagle Rock), Lupe's, Taco Village, El Burrito Jr. (Redondo), Tito's, Poquito Mas, Gallegos, and El Molino de Oro (San Juan Capistrano).

I've also had Frida, Teresitas, Tacos Por Favor, La Cabanita, Pepe's, Paco's, Tia Juana, Lare's, El Cholo, Algeria, El Compadre, Chano's, Talpa, Mrs. Garcia, El Tarasco, the place on Sawtelle near Tito's, Monte Alban, Juqilia, El Nopal, Holy Guaccamole, El Tepayac, El Arco Iris, Coral Cantina, Gilbert's, Benito's, La Playita, 7 Seas, Eduardo's, Border Grill, La Serranta, and all those little spots on and around Centinela and Inglewood in the Culver City / Mar Vista area. All of these are fair to good, IMO.

Places I find too greasy or gristly are El Gran Burrito, Campos, that place on Western right off the 10, and basically all taco trucks.

I've of course had chains like La Salsa, Baja Bud, Baja Fresh, and Sharky's. They're OK in a pinch.

So, now that you know my burrito tastes, can you play matchmaker and find me a new burrito love?

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  1. The chile relleno burrito at Tere's Mexican Grill at the SE corner of Melrose at Cahuenga is very good, as are all the items I have had there so far.

    1. Rodeo Grill, one on Sunset in Echo Park and another branch on Olympic in Koreatown, has excellent burritos - I'm partial to their "enchilado" style - with sauce all over them. They have an excellent chile verde sauce for them but you have to ask for it, the default is the chile rojo, which is also very good. Their al pastor, carne asada and grilled chicken are all very good. They also have an excellent salsa bar.

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        One great thing about Rodeo Grill (Sunset and Lemoyne) is their plethora of self-serve housemade sauces and condiments! The burrito place around the corner on Echo Park and Sunset (Los Burritos? Next to the House of Spirits) has a delicious chile verde burrito and a satisfying chile relleno burrito - the beans are very flavorful (if not also highly caloric).

        1. re: EREDSON

          In Santa Monica, on Ocean Park at around 30th. It's in the same complex as the Counter.

          I'm a big fan of the chicken burrito.

          1. re: scoot

            I used to be lucky enough to work across the street from there, I'm a huge fan of their carne asada burritos. The quesadillas are mighty tasty too.

            I miss Fast Taco.

            1. re: Swervo

              I'm thinking about eating at this place sometime in the next week... can you give me an idea of whats in their burrito? I'm a big fan of just the classic meat, beans, cheese, sour cream, tomato, lettuce etc... is this that sort of place?

              By the way.. I hate rice in my burritos... just fillar to me.

        2. Lately we've been getting the bean & cheese burrito with lots of pico de gallo at Chicos in Highland Park, Figueroa and Ave 50. But I've never tried Jaunita's in Eagle Rock--gonna try it now.

          1. my two ultimate favorites are the carne asada burrito at el taurino (off of hoover in k-town) and at carnitas michoacan.