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Dec 3, 2006 04:15 PM

New breakfast ideas for kids

My kids are getting tired of cereal (hot and cold) and I would like them to eat healthy breakfasts. They are also not in love with eggs (except hard boiled).

Something with fiber and/or protein would be at the top of my list. We are always rushing in the morning before school, so if it can be easily prepared or make-ahead, even better!


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  1. My fifteen year old's preference is for oat bran pumpkin muffins (adapted from "Joan's Pumpkin Bread" from an old Bon Appetit.) That, or a similar banana bread, and a yogurt satisfies us both pretty well. In the warmer months he may switch off to yogurt smoothies made with frozen strawberries/bananas/whatever I have on hand and, sometimes, protein powder.

    The 2 year old likes peas with parmesan cheese.

    Heck, she told Santa last night that she wanted a bag of frozen peas for Christmas. Oddly enough, he said she was the first to ask for that all day.

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    1. re: BarefootandPregnant

      I made ww pumpkin muffins last night (okay, I added a few choc chips to entice)but they were a big hit!

      1. re: chocolate chick

        I LOVE WW pumpkin muffins! They really got me through my sweet tooth cravings when I was on the program. Might need to dig up the recipe since I've gained a few lbs. Not sure if I can find it though (it's been a few years). Anyway you can post it here?

        1. re: sheilal

          I'm sorry, when I said "ww", I meant whole wheat, not weight watchers. Sorry for the mix up.

        2. re: chocolate chick

          Oh, I am so glad. I had forgotten to say that I often use white whole wheat flour.

          One thing I have found helpful in feeding the kids in general is to think less about the names, or usual menu categories, and more about the ingredients/specific nutrient balances. The result is that I think I have had a lot less stress in feeding the kids-and both are pretty open minded eaters.

      2. How about baked oatmeal? You can make it ahead and microwave in the morning (or just eat cold).

        1. My 17 yr old was sick of the cereal thing so she decide to try some granola & she loves it. She packs some in a ziploc bag for snacking as well. What she likes most is I found a recipe for her to make on her own & she can add whatever she likes to it. She can switch with flavored honey or use maple syrup or pretty much whatever she wants. She also likes that she can control how sweet it is. She's not a huge fan of those sugary sweet cereals.

          My 9 yr old however loves muffins. So I'll get a basic muffin recipe(sometimes I'll sub half of the flour with whole wheat flour) and we'll make them together and she can add what flavor she wants. Apples,bananas..etc. freeze them. You can pull however many you'll be eating the night before.

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          1. re: sugarbuzz

            I used to love making my own granola variations as a teen. My favorite was peanut butter granola - substituting peanut butter for the sweetener. Hope she has fun.

            1. re: clamscasino

              can't get my kids to eat granola. I'm trying.

          2. At my house, we all enjoy yogurt and add fresh fruit, nuts, jam, applesauce, canned pineapple..etc. to it each morning.

            Smoothies are easy and healthy. Easy to control ingre.

            Bananas & peanut butter sandwiches

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            1. re: HillJ

              We also do smoothies sometimes. If you have a favorite one, let me know.

              1. re: chocolate chick

                chockchick (love the name btw),
                right now our fav is pomp juice, soy milk, flax powder and a banana.

                but our ultimate (produce in season) is watermelon, pear and vanilla yogurt.

                How about you?

                1. re: HillJ

                  by pomp juice, you mean pomegranite? sounds super healthy. I will try it. We are pretty simple with our smoothies...banana, non fat stonyfield yogurt, milk and either PB or a touch of honey. Do you buy flax powder or grind the seeds yourself?

                  1. re: chocolate chick

                    Yes, pomegranite juice, marvelous stuff.
                    Yes on flax seed, grind ours in a coffee grinder (whirly gig model) and store in refrig for monthly use.

            2. Refried beans with cheese and a tortilla and salsa. And maybe veggies.

              Any other food the kid likes and is healthy. No need to limit to traditional breakfast items.

              But then, I used to eat kimchee on matzo for breakfast. Fiber but little protein.

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              1. re: lintygmom

                Second on the beans-and-cheese; my eldest loved quesadillas for breakfast. Good dose of protein, then add whatever fresh stuff your child will eat.
                My daughter loves baguettes with some olive oil, and proscuitto if we have it. Stinky cheese is always a bonus. Round out with fruit or juice.

                Maybe your kids are more into the savory flavors than the sweet (and American food producers pander to "sweet" in their kid-oriented breakfast foods, IMO) Maybe even give them a reheat of last night's entree? As lintygmom said, no need to limit the selection.

                Good luck with the kids - as you expose them to more and more options, the more adventurous they may become.

                1. re: cayjohan

                  I like how everyone is thinking out of the box. thanks for all the suggestions!

                  1. re: cayjohan

                    my daughter is way more into savory and ITA that american food producers pander to sweet. quesadillas are a great idea! if it's got a tomato-based sauce and is on the spicy side i can pretty much guarantee isadora will eat it!
                    i also love the baguette with prosuitto and stinky cheese. sounds like something my daughter would woof down. probably sans the baguet, though...she's not so into bread, believe it or not.