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Dec 3, 2006 04:12 PM

Tarte Flambe in NYC?

Another board got me thinking about this Alsatian classic. The long defunct L'Actual (Destine's Chef?) had a decent one, but where can I find a good version now? Another hound did not give good marks to Cafe d'Alsace's attempt.

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  1. I love the version at August, you should definately try it, plus August is a great restaurant in general

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      I second August. I've gone back a couple of times just so I could have the tarte good.

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      1. I lived in Strasbourg for ahwile in college, and have been searching for good Tart Flambe in NYC. I haven't tried Cafe d'Alsace yet, but I think the Barroom at the Modern is authentic, and perfect. The chef is Alsatian and he got it right. The crust is crisp - almost cracker like. The fromage blanc is creamy, the onions are almost carmelized, but not too sweet, and the lardons are just salty enough. I give it a ten.

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          I also lived in Strasbourg for a year while in college (...when were you there?!?) and I completely agree that the tarte flambee at the Modern is the best, though I haven't been to this new place Klee yet. Too bad the Bar Room's price is a little heftier than the beer and flambee special at Les 3 Brasseurs!!!

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            I also spent a year living and studying in Strasbourg (1991-1992) at the Universite Robert Schuman on the Rue de Rome. Remember Flams and the "a volonte" deal? The first tarte flambee always tasted great but subsequent ones less so....

            Anyway to get back on point, I was unimpressed by the tarte flambee (and other offerings) at August, I'll have to try out the Modern and Klee.

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          1. And apologies to point out an item of pedantry but its "flambee" as "tarte" is a feminine noun. Or just call it Flammenkuche as the Germans do.