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Dec 3, 2006 03:31 PM

Maine hounds heading to San Antonio - recs?

We're going to be in SA for a week starting 12/9. We're going to be staying near Sea World, but will have access to a car. We're looking for hound worthy recs for regional food and just interesting and good places. We like BBQ, hot stuff, Mexican, and almost anything including pho.

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  1. It's a bit of a drive, but you will not forget the experience of dining at Mac and Ernie's in Tarpley. Check it out:

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      We enjoyed the drive to Mac & Ernie's as well as the burgers. We went for lunch on Wednesday, as it was the only day that fit our schedule. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. For Pho soup, go to Pho Cong Ly at highway 281/Bitters Road. Awesome spring rolls and summer rolls also!!

      1. Yeah I've been out to the place in Tarpley. Great weekend road trip.
        For Pho, I suggest Pho Ha Long on 410 near Ingram Rd.

        Mexican, it really depends on what you're looking for, Tex-Mex or real deal interior cuisine.
        I personally dig Guajillo's, Jacala, Cha-Cha's and Cascabel Patio on S. St. Mary's.