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Dec 3, 2006 03:29 PM

Complimentary food at the bar (GTA)

Noticed in another thread that Harbour 60 serves complimentary serrano ham and other goodies at the bar. Reminded me of sitting at the bar at Babbo in NYC or pretty much any nice place in NYC. Do any Toronto bartenders serve free nibblies with drinks, either literally at the bar or in a lounge/waiting area?

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  1. At Splendido, we were the first of our party to arrive so we sat at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. The bartender put out a couple of dishes of olives (and another of nut mix, IIRC). The olives were yum. :-)

    1. The Bar at the top of the Park Hyatt has a selection of free snacks for each table... mixed nuts, rice crackers, olives, etc.

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        Everything to make you feel thirsty and like re-ordering another drink...

      2. I was at Alice Foozoli's a couple of weeks ago & their bar has some free snacks. It started off with some fried finger food, but at some point got to potato chips (very good ones, although from bags, I must say).

        1. Rosewater used to do this (they still might) but I always was a bit disgusted by all the Brokers hands all over the olives and nuts then in their mouths then back in the bowls. I would rather order my own food...

          1. Bloor Street Diner does Bits 'n Bites and olives. Not as good as the mixes at the Park Hyatt. Seems we're not wuote up to standards of Babbo ...