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Dec 3, 2006 02:55 PM

Christmas Season Treats

I'll be visting Montreal in a week and would like to discover the treats and specialties of Montreal-Quebec-Canada, that are avaialble during the Christmas season. What are the local specialities & where do I find those specialities ? I have researched my dinning options, restos & cafes. Now I would like to know about the Montreal Christmas food items I should taste & see while I am there ? Also any suggestions on Christmas season sights and sounds to see would also be appreciated.

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  1. There aren't a lot of regional specialties associated with Christmas, though tourtière (Québécois meat pie) is a fixture on many holiday tables. And, concerts and the Santa Claus parade aside, festivities tend to be centred around family and friends more than public gatherings. For food items, head to the Jean-Talon Market, in particular the Marché des saveurs store, which sells only local products.

    1. Not necessarily holiday fare, but seasonal: During the month of December there is an arts/crafts show including several food purveyors showcasing local products: The 51st Annual, La Salon des Metiers d'Art. Mostly-French site:

      Sublink to the presenters in the category <<gastronomie>>:

      Les Cochons Tout Ronds will be there!

      1. I look forward to this time of year mostly for one reason: Shwartz's smoked duck. Mmmm. I think you have to buy 'em whole though. Try to reserve one, or arrive just after they've gotten in a fresh batch. Once I did get a slightly meagre end-of-the-batch one.