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Dec 3, 2006 02:45 PM

Where to buy fresh duck in NOVA and

what should I expect to pay for it.

Thinking of doing a duck for XMAs--first time.

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  1. Wegmans has unfrozen duck in the refrigerated section by the deli.

    1. By fresh do you mean unfrozen when sold (i.e., could have been frozen at some point but you will never know), duck that is labeled never having been frozen, or a duck that is in a cage and you point and they dress it for you (ala chinatown in NY, Boston, SF)?

      For the first option, I've found unfrozen duck at chinese grocery store I go to (kam sam, great wall and also El Grande) and at magruders (magruder's not sure on availability: they have it time to time).

      2nd option and third option can't really help you much there.


      1. Check out any Harris Teeter store. They're hustling NOVA right now, trying to put the squeeze on Whole Foods, so they're bending over backwards to satisfy customers. I have no doubt that they'll get you exactly what you want.