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Dec 3, 2006 02:14 PM

Babbo walk in Advice?

Thinking about Babbo maybe on thursday night coming up. No res (full for tables of 2) Any advice on the tables they hold for walk ins?

wife poured cold water on posting a "dining personal ad" to buddy up and snag a 4 seater. I thought it'd be fun, but i think she's afraid of being lobotomized and turned into a "sex zombie". I suppose it's a pretty common occurance so who can blame her.

Thanks, Chris

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  1. I cant answer that question, but you can walk right into Cafe Mono, Batali's "tapas" place with no ressy. The food is cooked to the same Batali "formula" and is similar in style. No pasta though, although you can watch the chefs in action at the counter that sits in the kitchen.

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      1. It's called Casa Mono, and they do in fact take reservations and are usually full in the evenings.

        And the food is not cooked in any Batali formula - it has its own chef, and the food is Spanish tapas - nothing to do with Italian food.

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          I already said it was "Tapas" and noted there was no pasta. And I have eaten at both Babbo and Casa Mono, several times, and there _is_ a similar style to the dishes. Sorry, but there is a Batali "formula," having eaten at almost all of his places. My point was that you do not need to go to Babbo (which is overhyped to begin with) to get the "Batali" experience. There are other places where you don't have to beg for reservations and they are nearly as good - n'est pas?

          And I never said Casa Mono does not take reservations -- sure it does, but I have never needed a reservation and have had success walking in and sitting right down. Its easy to get into, maybe not on a Saturday night, but its no Babbo.

        2. Just be there right before opening and grab a pair of seats at the bar -- it's a great, very different experience sitting up there.

          1. yeah, i would say for Babbo, just go in and grab a seat at the bar. you can then either sit and eat right there at the bar itself and wait a bit for your table. either way, its well worth it. their food is across the board excellent, but the pasta's are really the draw there. terrific. and i am normally NOT a pasta eater at all. but when at babbo, i make an exception. let us know how it goes.