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Dec 3, 2006 01:52 PM

What to Have with Ham for Christmas

Good Morning
I was thinking of the veal loin with fois gras from this month's Bon Appetit for Christmas Dinner but my husband has his sights set on a Ham. Since he just finished renovating our kitchen I want to indulge him. Howver, I think of Ham as a "down home" countrty style meal and would love suggestions for sides to make it a little different and special for Christmas. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays.

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  1. We are having a stuffed ham for Christmas and I'm planning to do both sweet potato and regular biscuits, which I think will be pretty (and maybe a couple kinds of butter). Not sure what else at the moment- am planning the menu with my mom. But I will post back when I know for sure.

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      Is the sweet and sour red cabbage a hot side dish? I found a recipe with butter (to sautee the cabbage), sugar and balsamic vinegar. Is that your recipe? Can you share it? Thanks.

    2. One of my favorite sides for ham (yes, I live with a devoted ham eater) is sweet-and-sour red cabbage. Easy and inexpensive to make, it's a nice foil for the ham's saltiness. The color looks great too, as far as holiday table aesthetics go.

      A baked puree of potatoes with carrots is also nice - again, that salty-sweet interplay. Plus, it's another veg. to counteract all the meat.

      Finally, we always have a cucumber and onion salad - sort of a quick pickle, sans the high salt - with the Christmas ham. There are so many variations to choose from - Google and see what you can find. It's a lovely freshness against the heavy, warm dishes

      1. While growing up my mother would always make scallop potatoes to go along with the ham, which I still love to this day. But maybe you could do, a playoff on that old classic and upgrade it a bit. I did a tasting not too long ago for an event, and this was offered with actually salmon and filet mignon. It was incrediby delicious.

        A large whole Idaho baking potato peeled and simmered in chicken broth, then when it almost cooked, remove from broth to cool for handling, and slice but not all the way through. In between each slice a good slathering and mix of gruyere, garlic and chive, and o procuitto. then back into the oven to finish it off. Very classy. I almost orgot what else was on the plate, it was sheer heaven for me as a potato lover.....

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          Scalloped potatoes is a great idea-- my dad will be in heaven. Thanks for reminding me of them!

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            I agree, I always like to have scalloped potates with ham, kinda just goes peas and carrots....LOL

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              A girlfriend of mine's mother, used to make a scallop potato dish she called "potatoes delicious" it had cheddar, cream cheese, sour cream and some other cheese with onions thrown in there too. When I tried to make it it curdled, so I would imagine that my oven was too hot, or I should of made the cheese sauce on top of the stove first and precooked the potatoes. My goodness though, hers were absolutely the best thing ever... Thanks really for your topic, it has brought back a ton of memories for me...

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                If you will use heavy cream and not milk or half and half in the potatoes it will not curdle. Got to make some of them soon.

          2. I actually like a cranberry compote with ham - mine has finely minced white onion and jalapeno pepper and orange zest mixed into cooled whole berry sauce made from the directions on the cranberry bag. I also like a version of pommes anna, just potatoes and butter, nice and earthy next to the ham.

            1. I would agree with everyone here so far: with ham, potatoes are a must. Any gratin recipe is great...we love Epi's potato gratin with sharp white cheddar...another very good side that is quite pedestrian and lowly is the hash brown casserole. I'd never had it before until a few years ago when we had our office Holiday party at someone's house, the main was a beautiful country ham and someone brought that casserole; it just went hand-in-hand. Of course, in addition to the ham and potatoes, maybe a green of some kind or even roasted carrots.