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Dec 3, 2006 01:50 PM

Two nights in Vegas

Looking for one Italian and one steakhouse for January trip to Vegas. We are staying at the Wynn but willing to go anywhere.

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  1. I know it's not what you asked for, but if you like pancakes, the pancakes at the Terrace Pointe Cafe in the Wynn are to die for. They are thick and fluffy and are served with a warm carafe of maple syrup and whipped butter.


    1. Italian:

      I hear Fiamma @ MGM is wonderful.

      Or Nora's @ 6020 W Flamingo Rd , Las Vegas , NV , 89103


      SW @ Wynn

      Have a great trip.

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      1. re: dbug31

        Second that with Fiamma, it was excellent! Very pretty place, the food was on par with anyplace in Vegas.

      2. I love Prime at Bellagio for steak in an elegant setting. It overlooks the Bellagio water and light show and the room is beautiful. Prime at the Palms is also great for steak. Its more trendy, fun, and vibrant than elegant....

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        1. re: Debbie

          oops I meant NINE at the Palms... for steak.

        2. My parents just ate at Prime in the Bellagio a few weeks ago and are still raving about how good it was.

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          1. re: lisaf

            The steak was flawless at Prime, I loved the carpaccio as well, the sides were just ok, we were able to have dessert and coffee on the outdoor terrace. Man, that was breathtaking! Overall, I'd give Prime a 9.7 and Delmonico a 9.8.

            1. re: elrushbo

              Don't forget about those otherworldly turffle mashed potatoes. I'm having my anniversary dinner there soon and I can't wait. I dream about those 'taters!

          2. Absolutely Circo (in the Bellagio) for Italian - it is the cousin of Le Cirque next door of which I am not a great fan. Circo has wonderful food, a great wine list, super and well informed service. Book early - always crowded. Highlights - lasagnette if they offer it as a starter - the best lamb chops in the world - all their desserts. Enjoy !