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Dec 3, 2006 12:23 PM

Strada 57 or Maria Pia or Roberto Passon

What is your opinions of the above restaurants?

Looking for cozy old NY atmosphere, authentic italian, like Trattoria Trecolori (which is closed for renovations).

Has to be within walking distance of Penn Station and Rockerfeller Center because we plan on doing one big walking loop.

Is it safe to walk with kids after dark from Rockerfeller Center?

If a restaurant says it serves lunch 12 - 3, does that mean you have to be done eating and out by 3 or last reservation taken is at 3?

Our group will be adults and children ages 12 to 22.

Thank you!

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  1. Don't know Strada 57. Maria Pia a little more crowded and a little less expensive than Roberto Passon. The later definitely has a better atmosphere, but I wouldn't call either old NY or authentic Italian.

    Absolutely, positively safe to walk with kids after dark in that area. Just make sure you don't lose them in the crowds.

    If a restaurant serves lunch til 3, that means that that is the time the kitchen stops preparing the lunch menu and starts prepping for the dinner menu. They probably wouldn't take a reservation for 3; maybe 2:30 or 2:45.

    1. There was a similar recent discussion.

      Based on 2 meals at Passon and one at Maria Pia, Passon wins hands down between the two.

      I don't think there's any place in midtown that's unsafe, though the area around Port Authority can be unsavory.

      1. I keep coming back to Passon (how do you pronounce that?).

        Just like years ago when I cam to these boards for help, I kept being directed to Tricolori and when we went, we were not disappointed.

        Other suggestions? Have a few more days before I make reservations. (Just avoid any restaurants that are modern and bright, I want old world Italian, not new world Italian).

        1. So, what are the definitions of "new world Italian" and "old world Italian"?
          I don't mean to create a thread diversion, but I'd merely like to get caught up.