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Tremont 637 Eh

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Hit it last night.

Had 5 course tasting menu for 2.

Short story was, eh. Included rice in two of the courses, tuna tartar was not that fresh, banana cream pie for dessert was not bananaey enough, nothing really memorable. They even threw in an amuse so it was really 6 dishes...

Pretty sure the sou chef was at the helm. He came over and did the "Any likes and dislikes thing." I basically just said go for it.

Place has a great vibe, prices are reasonable. Think I would have been better off sticking with the regular menu. Places should not do a tasting menu if they can't really deliver, which is what this felt like. Hopefully it would be better with the chef in the house.

With Franklin Cafe so near by not sure I would give it another whirl. Maybe apps at the bar.

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  1. I imagine you mean Tremont 647- might want to correct your title for search purposes.

    1. Whoops, I did mean 647.

      1. what a bummer. i SO hope they will get back to their original succesful ways, as i thought they has done.

        1. Yeah, a lot places get off track after a few years. I've had quite a few horrible meals there, but I've also had some very good ones when the was at the helm. Actually, if I remember correctly thats' why I haven't been in so long.

          I hope they do get it together.

          1. Thanks for this as I was almost convinced to try them again later this week. I'll skip it and go somewhere where I know I'll eat well....

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              why not check the menu first and see if it appeals, and then see if andy is going to be on that night, as the OP wondered if his absence might have been the prob. tapas night had a rave review from me and the other CHs who chirped in on my post from sept 06.

            2. I had a horribly amateurish meal there this summer. It would have been laughable had it been free!