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Dec 3, 2006 08:20 AM

(Eastside) Looking for a quiet place that won't break the bank

My parents' 30th anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, and we are looking to have a family dinner, with 8 people. Last time we did this we went to the Claim Jumper in Redmond, but when were discussing this tonight several people thought it was a bit too noisy, and somewhere a bit quieter might be nice. We don't want to spend a ton of money on this (I'm thinking in the range of $15-20 per person, maybe a bit more if it's nice enough.) My first thought was Typhoon or Malay Satay Hut as possibilities, but there are a few not-so-adventurous eaters among us who might not appreciate it that much. There's also some people who don't eat seafood, so that might make some other places problematic. What else is good on the Eastside given these criteria?

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  1. One place right near Claim Jumper is Matt's in Redmond Town Center.

    It is quieter and has tastier food - although a smaller menu - and it is the same price range.

    Some other places to consider right near Redmond that have “accessible” food, are reasonably quiet, and aren’t too expensive:
    * Frankie's - easy family Italian with good pizza
    * Celtic Bayou - pub food
    * Coho - similar to Matt's but more fish
    * Nines Bar & Grill - up on Union Hill at the golf course - quiet, open atmosphere
    * Tosoni's – very quiet and intimate, near Redmond, more expensive

    There are many other good choices on the east side if you want broaden the net.


    1. With tax and tip, 20 bucks means between $15 and $16. That's a pretty tall order.

      1. We just did dinner for nine at Szechuan Chef for $123(with tip and tax) - great food and leftovers. We all like tea so that keeps down the costs too.

        So you can make it happen for under $15/person.

        Now Szechuan Chef is probably a little more adventurous and noiser than Vexorg seemed to indicate.


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          Szechuan Chef is great but not at all quiet.

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            Did you have anything to drink? Did you have any dessert? If the answers to either of those questions is "No," then it wasn't dinner it was a snack.

          2. uh, I doubt that. You can eat till you burst for very little $$ at Szechuan Chef. IMO, best chinese on the eastside, hands down.

            Vexorg, Celtic Bayou might work for you. They are great at accomodating a crowd if you let them know, and the place is casual and jovial and they have great beer ;-)

            1. This is an interesting example of why we need to put what city in the titles of our posts. There are both a Typhoon and a Malay Satay Hut on the far east side of Portland. I had to skim it twice before I saw the Redmond mention and knew where the hell this was.

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                Sorry about that. It's a good thing they don't have these two places in Redmond Oregon, or we'd be confusing the heck out of everyone here.