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Dec 3, 2006 08:00 AM

Black-and-white cookies

Where can I get good black-and-white cookies in Manhattan? Midtown or the Village preferred, if possible. Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. Moishe's bakery on 2nd avenue around 7th street

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    1. These search results should help:

      My faves are at William Greenbergs, but that is not Midtown.

      The stuff I have tasted from Moishe's did not live up to the praise Moishe's receives here on the board. (but I should qualify that I generally do not like parve baked goods.)

      1. have to agree with the above posters - Moishe's is the place to go. that being said,i think you can find a very acceptable black and white at many of the little bodega's, etc. around the city. the plain ol' ones that're wrapped up near the cash register that you always see. i know lots of people will disagree, but i think many of them are fine. Not at all to the standards of the awesome Moishe's but still not a bad cookie.
        go to moishe's, its well worth it. a great place in general.

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          It looks like I will try Moishe's. Thanks very much, all!

        2. question. They even do a blue and white version for Hannukah.

          1. Rocco's on Bleeker is the best I've found. Haven't been to the places mentioned by others, but it's been highly recommended on this board by some who have. Do Moishe's or Greenbergs have an apricot jam layer beneath the icing? That and the less spongy cookie are the key to Rocco's.

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              I'm a fan of Greenberg's B&W's (ever since the lamentable closing of Lichtman's Hungarian bakery on 86th and Amsterdam, many years ago; their B&W set the standard for me).

              There's no jam under Greenberg's icing - but that would make the cookie other than a classic Black&White, IMO. Also, while I don't like cookies that are too soft, the B&W cookie should be somewhat cakey in texture and give, and not hard or crisp. Obviously, YMMV.