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Dec 3, 2006 06:57 AM

Where (not too expensive) for a Birthday Dinner Tomorrow (Sun.) Night in Berkeley?

We went to Brennan's for our last b'day party and don't want to go again. Where's another place that about 8 of us can dine that's not too expensive. Nothing too outre. These folks are somewhat food conservative.

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  1. Somerset in Rockridge? Haven't eaten there and I know reviews are mixed, but the menu appeared to be reasonably priced and had some "conservative" options (last time I strolled by).
    Or Rivoili?
    What kind of "not too expensive"?

    1. Cafe Rouge comes to mind. They always have a few approachable dishes: rotisserie chicken, hamburger (available by request). As long as you don't order the dry age steak, not too expensive.

      Also consider Luka's Taproom and Zax Tavern.

      1. Ooh, Luka's! I was thinking of only Berkeley/Albany places. Forgot that we could go back towards OUR home (they mostly live in the South Bay). Cafe Rouge is also a good idea.

        Not too expensive is probably $20/25 per person for everything except alky drinks (which most don't do anyway).

        Never heard of Somerset, but then I don't get out much ;+)

        1. have you ever tried Giovanni's (on Shattuck) in
          downtown Berkeley? They've a variety of options
          on their menu and has some reasonable prices.
          Likely they can handle a table of eight without

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            I think Giovanni's enjoys a lack of repeat business, which makes it easier for them to handle larger groups.

          2. So where did you end up?