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Dec 3, 2006 06:17 AM

my coffee maker broke in time for holiday shopping!

I have a Cuisinart Filter Brew coffee maker. The drip attachment and spring broke off the filter basket. Otherwise the coffee maker itself still works. Can't find a replacement filter basket in regular retail stores. Found a replacement basket online for like $20, totally not worth it (right?). I've had my coffee maker for a few years now.

So I'm in search for a new one. Any suggestions. I don't want to spend over $100 if possible. There's so many brands on sale at the moment. I'm not picky. But I've had experiences with cheaper models that would spew out the coffee all over the counter, hardly in the carafe.

I've read the recent post on the grind and brew models. don't need that, i have a separate grinder already. Any views on the models that brew coffee and heat only what's dispense like 1 cup at a time, pod coffee brewers, french press, etc.

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  1. We've been using a stove top percolator for many years. It produces consistently great coffee. I wouldn't go back to a plug-in.

    I know that doesn't answer your initial inquiry, rumgum. But it might be an alternative down the road for you.

    1. The French Press! Simple, elegant, easy to clean, makes perfect coffee...

      1. I just acquired a Capresso Coffee Tec, probably too high end to meet your criteria ($199), but it makes great coffee. I used the breakage of the carafe from my Krupps machine to justify the purchase. What ever you do, don't get a Krupps, they are crap, designed for looks, but poor functional design.

        1. I recently bought the Krups model with the timer and stainless steel carafe. I love the flexibility of setting the timer to make a pot of coffee at 6:30 and knowing that it'll still be fresh and hot at 9:00. With a 20% coupon, it was $80 at BB&B.

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            My Krups also had the timer, which was convenient, but the glass carafe always spilled coffee on my counter when I would pour a cup, and the heating plate that the carafe would sit on would stay warm up to 5 hours, but its surface rapidly deteriorated. It sounds like your "thermos/carafe" may have solved some of these problems.

            One thing that I really like about the Capresso is that you keep the top on the thermos/carafe very tightly closed when brewing, it has a one way valve on top where the coffee drips through, so that no flavor is lost to coffee evaporating as it drips down in to a loosely covered carafe. The capresso also has a milk frother, which I am starting to play with.

          2. Unfortunately, most drip coffee makers don't get hot enough for a proper extraction of the flavors. The Technivorms and Capressos (the good models) work very well but cost around $175-200. Most of under $100 models that brew properly (at 195-205 degrees Farenheit) are discontinued. You might try your luck on ebay to find a Melitta Clarity or a Presto Scandinavian Design. I would seriously avoid most Krups coffeemakers (except the one below).

            For under $10 you can get a manual pourover basket (e.g. Melitta) which allows you to control the temperature of the water (because you have to heat the water on the stove/microwave before pouring it on the ground coffee). Yeah, it's more work.

            I have a Krups Moka Brew, which produces a coffee quality that's between a drip and a moka pot. The coffee is brewed with slightly pressurized water. It's actually very good and is as convenient as a drip brewer. Yes, it's discontinued, but you can still buy it online for $100 (incl. shipping) at Dmart stores .

            A French press is good, but for my money, I just bring water to 205F in a pot, turn off the fire, dump the coffee in, stir and wait 3-4 minutes. I filter through a permanent filter made for a drip brewer. Cheaper than a French press, easier to clean, and you don't drop the temperature of the water by pouring it into a press pot.

            Check out for reviews and tips.

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            1. re: Joe MacBu

              I found the Presto Scandinavian Design still being sold at Sears for $33.