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Dec 3, 2006 05:19 AM

The Battle of the Bagels - Taste-Off in Montreal Gazette

Just spent a few days in Montreal (my hometown), and read an article by Bill Brownstein in the Wednesday Food section of The Gazette which announces a face-off between St-Urbain and Bagel House bagels from Toronto, and St-Viateur and Fairmount bagels from Montreal. This should be pretty interesting. The results will be printed in the December 9th issues of both The Montreal Gazette and the National Post.

May the best bagel win.

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  1. I love St.V's in MTL. And Ottawa Bagel Shop in Ottawa. GTA has nothing to compare to these two unfortunately.

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    1. re: to_frankie

      And you've been to which Toronto shops, TOF?

    2. I have to second previous posts. I reealy like the Ottawa bagel shop bagels. Toronto bagels are not on par.

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      1. re: 88GK

        Yeah, I so' dont get why Ottawa Bagel doesn't open a store in Toronto..even a small shopfront like Cobs on Bloor St (Annex) could CLEAN UP..big time.

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        1. It should be added, for those who didn't read the Bill Brownstein column in the Montreal Gazette, or the write-ups in the National Post, that this a battle of the Montreal-style bagels. That's why St-Urbain & Bagel House bagels in Toronto were chosen. I'm not in Toronto, are these two bagel establishments using a wood-burning oven?

          Here in Montreal, I like both St-Viateur & Fairmount bagels, but given a choice I probably prefer Fairmount bagels(need to taste them side-by-side to be sure, which is better). I understand the way Fairmount makes their bagels are different than that of St-Viateur(now sure how is it differently made).

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          1. re: BLM

            I think that they both use wood for fuel. I know that the St. Urbain location on Bathurst north of Steeles does. I was just there yesterday. The bagels at Bagel House's two locations are definitely superior, however.

            1. re: Yongeman

              The St. Urbain location at the St. Lawrence Market uses a wood buringin oven, and are my favourite. HOwever, I have never beeen out to the bagel places on Bathurst.

            2. re: BLM

              I meant to say, "not" sure how is it differently made(between Fairmount & St-Viateur bagels).

            3. I prefer Fairmount bagels to St. Viateur, as well. I also like R.E.A.L. Bagels (Queen Mary Rd. branch only - the ones at the Cote St-Luc Rd. branch aren't as good).

              Bagel House in Toronto comes pretty close to Fairmount. St-Urbain bagels have good flavour, but lack the "chew" of a good Montreal bagel.

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              1. re: FlavoursGal

                I also agree that R.E.A.L. Bagels on Queen Mary Rd is pretty good.