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Dec 3, 2006 04:48 AM

Private room for 15 in Pasadena?

We're having a family party this month. We would like to find a restaurant with a private or at least semi-private room. There will be about 15 of us, including one child. It will be for lunch on a Saturday. The Pasadena area would be best. We're completely open as to types of food. We eat everything but of coures, appreciate good food. As for prices, we're looking for something about $30 a person, but we're a bit flexible on that point.

Any suggestions?


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  1. not in pasadena, but izayoi in downtown has a nice private room above the sushi bar, and i recently had an amazing group meal there for about 35 a person, at least 5 courses plus three courses of sushi.

    i also seem to recall saladang using screens to section off a part of the room.

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      I love Izayoi and didn't know about the private room! Can you tell me a little more about the menu you were served at the private party?

      1. re: Hailyn

        well, it was my bachelor party, so my memory is a bit sake-soaked...

        we started with a seaweed salad, then moved on to a tofu custard, the seared beef appetizer, house made fish cakes (three different kinds and all delicious), and two other menu items i can't really remember (but both off the menu). then we had a large course of mixed sashimi, another course of sushi and a final round of varied rolls. we are all big eaters and everybody was HURTING by the end of the meal. it was delicious.

        they were very flexible about the menu, and i basically went with most of my favorites.

        1. re: shimpiphany

          All of that for $35/person including all of the sashimi and sushi? Wow. I know where I'm having my next party. Thanks so much for responding!

    2. Here's some ideas:

      The Raymond does brunch on a Saturday, but their special occasion site ( says that they can do a special menu for you. They are a converted bungalow, so they would probably put you all in one of the smaller rooms

      Julienne in San Marino (just south of Pasadena) rents out their Library for parties of 12-16 for $150, and their prices are much lower for lunch than your $30 so I think you could absorb that. They have great food. Website with details:

      One of our favorite restaurants, Firefly Bistro, has an area of the dining room that they put a long table in for private parties.

      If you want something more exotic, Xiomara in Old Town has an area in the back of the restaurant where they will put large tables.

      Of all these I'd see about Julienne--they're super nice, you would have your own private room, and they're kid friendly.