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Dec 3, 2006 03:58 AM

El Cerrito Natural Grocery Co – amazing heirloom apples, Caggiano sausage, Diestel sausage & more

This store is so much better than Berkeley Natural Grocery across from Lalime’s.

Though they have the same owners, the El Cerrito location is larger, has better parking, has a full-service meat & seafood counter, a larger selection of groceries in general and a better produce section.

There were apples and pears that I haven’t even seen at Berkeley Bowl (BB)... in fact I made a special trip down to the Bowl just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. They actually had Warren pears which I haven’t seen anywhere except at Frog Hollow.

El Cerrito Natural Grocery (ECNG) had fresh turmeric that looked a lot nicer the turmeric at BB. They also have a lot of products sold at Ferry Plaza like Langiers pies, Frog Hollow Jam, Marshall’s honey, etc

They had bacon from Texas that had a nice smokiness. I forgot the name something that starts with a “B”

In addition to Diestel sausage, ECNG carries Caggiano sausage from Petaluma. This sausage is also sold at Berkeley Bowl and is on the menu of lots of Wine Country restaurants. Other than that there’s not much about it. Anyone have any more info? Here’s a little blurb from Narsai David ...

They have a large selection of organic ice cream including Sam Adler, Julies, Alden, and Palapa. Not only do they have raw milk, they have three types of raw milk ... cow and something else, I think. They had both Organic Valley and Clover organic eggnog ... and another one too.

Anyway, I really like this market and has become a regular stop. Here’s some of the heirloom organic apples & pear varieties in addition to the varieties BB carries ... there were about 1⁄2 dozen more but I couldn’t read my own writing ... and they all had a lovely sweet apple smell and the apples I’ve tried so far have been very tasty.

Swiss Gourmet
Ashmead’s Kernel
Spartan (ok, this is common, but I just like them
)Cinnamon Spice
Crimson Gold
Candy Crisp
Philo Gae
Sweet Orin
Skinner Seedless
Redstack Crimson

It is not as big as Berkeley Bowl, but it really has a nice selection and some items I haven’t seen elsewhere. Someone on Chowhound told me to stop by ECNG because I'd like it ... so it was on my list to try. Whoever it was, thanks. I do like it.

El Cerrito Natural Grocery Co
10367 San Pablo Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(510) 526-1155

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  1. Thanks. I live quite close to the Berkeley Natural Grocery and hadn't thought of going to the El Cerrito branch but now I'll give it a try. It's still much easier than crossing Berkeley to go to the Berkeley Bowl.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Frog Hollow fruit frequently shows up there.

        1. The produce section is much better than its Berkeley counterpart and there is a more diverse selection of groceries because of its larger size. One thing I don't like, however, is that items in the frozen section are usually about to expire so I don't buy them there.

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          1. re: rightstar

            Thanks for the heads-up. I'll keep an eye on the date when buying frozen items.

          2. Links

            El Cerrito Natural Grocery Co
            10367 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530

            Berkeley Natural Grocery Co
            1336 Gilman St, Albany, CA 94706