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Dec 3, 2006 03:07 AM

Holiday Dinner + Drinks

Hi there,

I was hoping I could get some advice for a girls' night out this holiday season. About 5-8 of us would like to go to a nice place for dinner because we would like to dress up a bit (backpacks and faded jeans do get tiresome) but we are still all debt-ridden grad students so we'd prefer to keep mains under $30. Following that, we would plan to move to a bar/lounge.

Are there any places downtown or midtown that could fit that bill? Foodwise, we eat everything.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. laide on adelaide

    supermarket on augusta or

    mini market by tempo on college (same owners/similar menu as above)

    1. If you want to catch yourself a banker (I kid, I kid) KI does have dishes in the $8-$20 variety.

      The only problem is that they are tapas sized, so if you have more than two, there's your budget. But if you include the starter in the tapas, you should be ok. Whenever I am there I find that including (modest) drinks we come to about $50 a person.

      1. What about Doku 15? Its very trendy, again tapas style kind of asian fusion cuisine, but I went with a large group of girls and we had a great time. They have a lounge like area near the bar , thats where we sat, with low table and kind of bench like seating so you can kind of socialize, and they had a DJ, but they also have a more formal sitting area in the back. Good martini list if you girls like that

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          Thanks for the suggestions! I am looking at the menus now, I think most of those could work (Doku 15 has a gorgeous website).

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            it really does.. unfortunetly when I went we didnt try any of the desserts.. but, they served us complimentary champagne, were very polite, and all the dishes I tried were good.. Ill try to recall what we had.. um.. i definetly remember the thai lemongrass chicken was my favourite (a generous portion).. also the pineapple veal gyoza was quite good,the crispy duck stuffed wontons, and the doku 15 sushi was very interesting, and then we had the crispy tuna tacos. All that I tried was good, though I didnt pick the menu and there seems to be soo many things on it I would like to try. If you go, let us know what you had

        2. Being a grad student myself, I can sympathize.

          I've had great and reasonably-priced meals at the following places and would heartily reccommend them:

          Hair of the Dog (The Village)
          Ferro (St. Clair West)

          I think that Hair of the Dog would be the most fun, especially if you could book a large booth-y type area. It's quite inexpensive, and has great food.

          1. Went to Trevor on Wellington last week and it was great mini Kobe burgers and Asiago Mac & cheese were a hit.. definately hit your budget and wow factor.. get there while it is new before the realize that the portions are to big for the price!

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              We ended up going to Caffe Cucina in little Italy followed by drinks at Wild Indigo. It was very enjoyable.

              Thanks for all the suggestions, I will have to try some of them out in the new year!