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Dec 3, 2006 02:35 AM

Wang's Palace in Monrovia

Has anyone eaten there? It is advertised in the Krikorian Theater previews but I've never seen anyone go in or out of there. What's the scoop, Hounds?

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  1. Hello,

    We eat there often. It's good. Some of our favorite dishes are the noodle soups (especially the pork with preserved vegetables), diced chicken with almonds, butterfly shrimp, Mongolian lamb, all very good. They do have a back entrance, maybe that's why you don't see many people going in and out the front door. We've been eating there for almost 20 years. Enjoy!

    1. We have also been dining at Wang's for about 20 years. While it is not down in the "heart" of Chinese dining (Monterey Park, etc.) and seems more geared to "gringos", we really like the food.

      The won-ton soup is good (one of my comfort foods) as is the hot and sour soup (although I always ask for chili oil on the side). I also like the pot stickers and their "bbq'd" ribs.

      The wife insists, every time we go, on ordering orange flavored chicken, which is chicken pieces with orange peel and some very nice little hot peppers. The wife will push all the peppers aside, I will go after all of them for myself. I really like a bite of the chicken, maybe some of the cooked orange peel and a nice little pepper.

      The shrimp with snow peas is one of my standbys, I also really enjoy the shrimp lo mein. Schezwan (sp?) green beans with bits of pork are outstanding, as is the eggplant with garlic, the egg plant is cut in batons and when it comes to the table it is really hot and almost "molten", very nice. I also enjoy the shrimp Schezwan style, with sort of a tomato-y/red peppery sauce. I have also had a scallop dish there that has been good.

      I am a sucker for shrimp, so I also like the shrimp egg foo yung, and of course we always order the yang chow fried rice (with shrimp, scallops, bbq pork, chicken). Although not on the menu, sometimes when I ask they have asparagus in the kitchen and will prepare asparagus beef for me, which is one of my favorites.

      As I implied above, this is not "classic/authentic" Chinese food as you would typically find throughout the San Gabriel Valley, but to me it is great, savory comfort food and is SO much better than the gringo-ized white bread crap masquerading as Chinese food that I can get in my own neck of the woods (east of the 71 freeway).

      The wait staff and management are also very welcoming and friendly.

      1. I've also been a Wang's Palace fan for over 20 years. As other posters have said, the food may not be classifed as "authentic" but I've enjoyed every meal I've had there. One of my favorite dishes is also the the orange flavored chicken. It's a must order every time I eat there.

        I've also really liked their hot shredded pork, although a bit oily at time, I like "chewy" consistency of the meat and the little kick the overall dish gives. I also enjoy their soups which are very filling and tasty. Both the won ton soup and hot and sour soups are always a hit with me, but I also like their sizzling rice and corn soup. The lettuce cups are also a fine addition to your meal.

        Anyway, in short, you should check it out next time you're in that neck of the woods. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

        1. Michelle, Chino and Pleasure, I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THERE after your reviews. I, too, love hot and spicy and soups are a favorite. This is only a mile from home so I am blessed. I think I like every food mentioned by all three posters.

          Will try it this week. A great prelude into the rich Holiday food ahead and the soups especially will clear any signs of fatigue on my part. THANKS for the straight poop.