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Dec 3, 2006 02:13 AM

Made In Asia, New In Armonk

Just returned home from Made In Asia in Ardsley, a new Asian/Japanese restaurant next door to the Food Emporium.
Had driven by the space a few times and although that space has always held less than great restaurants, this is a rare exception.

The place has been open about three weeks and while sitting there,
I overhead numerous conversations from people who apparently have
returned several times. Try the Crisp Shredded Dried Beef which I asked the owner for an appetizer portion and he happily obliged.
If you ever had this dish at Rain in NY, you know how good it can be and this was good. Not too crispy but very tasty. Also Grand Marnier Prawns (which were nice size) were done butterfly style, lightly fried and weren't drowned in the mayo sauce like many other places.
My wife had the Seafood soup which she loved and a Dragon Roll which she said was good. However, I get the strong feeling that the Asian side of the restaurant is a better bet. Before Made In Asia opened,
I ate at David Chens for years, now there's new competition and frankly, a much mored interesting menu. They also deliver to the surrounding areas. Try it, I'm interested in your thoughts.

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  1. So, is this place in Ardsley, or Armonk, like your title suggests?

    1. I'm confused as well. I was wondering if Ardsley suddenly became conveniently close to Armonk. It's not.

      Glad it wasn't just me.

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      1. re: dolores

        boy, I'd sure be happy if it were... alas, my office moved - today - to armonk from white plains. much farther from port chester and white plains...

        1. re: adamclyde

          I'm pretty sure GrifinMil meant Armonk. I know the location. It's one of those restaurants that changes names and owners every 2 years. But if you are now working in Armonk, I can make some suggestions that are close by either latin food or other. Since I live in Northern Westchester...

          1. re: chocolate chick

            absolutely! I just started a thread looking for responses here:

            If, indeed GrifinMil meant armonk, that is a great thing.

      2. Hey adam, I think we're in the same company! In the Learning Center, perhaps?

        Don't forget Kira Sushi, right down the street.

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        1. re: dolores

          yup, lovely blue... north castle for me.

          I've heard a lot about kira sushi... what is the price point?

        2. adamclyde, I've never found sushi to be cheap. I think it's comparable to that of Harrison and Mamaroneck and Hartsdale in quality and price.

          1. Sorry, It's in Armonk. My mistake.

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            1. re: GrifinMil

              Excellent, GrifinMil, can't wait to try them out.

              Armonk I can find.