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Dec 3, 2006 01:34 AM

Mail Order Doughnuts

I know this is a ludicrous question, but I have a friend in the UK who LOVES doughnuts. Is there any way I can order some online and have them shipped to him for Christmas?

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  1. Not too sure there is such a thing as donut delivery service. But you can definitely send your friend a donut maker:

    1. Just one makes donuts (or U.S. donuts) in the U.K.? If not, I sense a good biz opp...or is it just certain kinds.

      BTW, the donutmaker sounds like an excellent idea...but is it any good, i.e., I don't see hot oil!

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      1. What is a donuts' shelf life?

        Not a packaged Hostess or Little Debbie donut, but a real one like Dunkin' Donuts or those from a neighborhood bakery...

        I don't think mail order would work for fresh pastry.

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        1. re: Griller

          It would work is if there's a branch in his neighbourhood that would be willing to deliver to him. Then they'd be fresh and (hopefully) tasty.

        2. I'll bet you could go to Delicious Orchards ( ) and get doughnuts sent to him...

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            Thanks a lot for all your great suggestions, I had no idea there was Krispy Kreme UK! He only likes the glazed kind so the apple-cider wouldn't work. Unfortunately Krispy Kreme only have London stores and my friend is nowhere near London. I guess I'll keep searching (or bribe someone to drive to London and pick some up for him!)

            1. re: hrhboo

              Check courier services; I've had bunches of strange things delivered, and often for surprisingly little $$

          2. I'm not sure doughnuts are that rare in the U.K. When I was visiting a friend in Walsall (town fairly close to Birmingham in the West Midlands) there was a bakery called Steve's that sold very good doughnuts. It appeared to be a chain place, but everything was fresh and the place looked immaculate. I'm pretty sure I saw at least another branch in another town. I love your idea, but with doughnuts they might not handle the time span from baking to delivery that well. I actually thought about taking chorizo one time, but abandoned that idea myself.

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            1. re: Feed_me

              Interesting...if it's air overnight service it would obviously be by plane. If the cargo area isn't pressurized, it can affect airy baked goods. Unfortunately I found this out from experience by putting baked goods with my non-carry-on luggage.