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Dec 3, 2006 01:04 AM

Other Than Just Adding It Directly to My Hips . . . .?

What can I do with chiccarones? Just rendered lard for the first time. Ended up with maybe half a cup of heavenly crispies. How do I store them? What do I do with them? Is there a guest-worthy preparation that would highlight them?

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  1. Cornbread. Just stir them in a low-sugar cornbread cooked in a hot cast iron skillet.

    1. chopped/crumbled on top of a mex stew or a fr cassoulet-type thing. crumbled in a salad. added to stewed white beans.

      1. Thanks. All those ideas sound good. Now, any thoughts on how long they'll keep and what's the best way to store them? They seem not to have lost their crispness having been held overnight in a zip-lock on the counter. Should I keep them on the counter? in the fridge? in the freezer?

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          1. I use them to garnish mashed (rather than refried) beans. They add some of that irreplaceable piggy savor without adding the calories of the lard.