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Dec 3, 2006 01:02 AM

St. Louis suggestion for special occasion

Hi all-

My brother is getting married, and as sort of a celebration gift I would like to treat him and his fiancee to a nice dinner in St. Louis.

I'm in New York, and really no nothing of the St. Louis dining scene....I've heard to avoid Tony's, and that the Crossing might not be the best idea.

My budget is 200-250 dollars for dinner for two. Their palates are pretty vast, so suggestions of any kind of cuisine is okay.


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  1. We had a great birthday dinner at Atlas, 5513 Pershing, this fall. Service and food were both outstanding. We didn't spend more that $150 for wine, food, dessert, cognac and service for 2. A wonderful value for the cost. We plan on going back when in St. Louis again this spring.

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    1. Check for their Get Out! section (I think it is under the entertainment link). There is an article from this past Thursday about tasting menus around town including The Crossing, American Place, Sansui, and Niche. The article praised all the restaurants for great food, so that might be a good start to figuring out a good place to take your brother.

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        King Louie's would knock their socks off. It has everything a great restaurant should...fine food, attentive service, amazing atmosphere. I would also second Niche. These are the two best restaurants in STL.

      2. Niche and Atlas are the two new headturners in St. Louis, with adventuresome fare and, I believe, tasting menus. Harvest has been consistently good for a few years now.

        But for a celebratory meal in St. Louis, I'd still have to recommend Tony's. Elegant space on the ground floor of a downtown almost riverfront office building near the stadium with valet parking, very accomodating service, much of the food finished and presented table-side. Not cutting edge or "exciting," but they maintain their top-flight reputation and are quick to respond to any need or request. We tend to take Vince and his staff for granted after so many generations at the top of the St. Louis fine-dining scene, but if your bro and his bride haven't been there in awhile it will be a treat.

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          I agree with Nosh. It's not adventurous food, but it's amazingly good Italian food with top shelf (really, can't be beat) service. The waitstaff there are professionals. If you want something that isn't on the menu, you can always ask. I love Tony's--it's a wonderful special occasion restaurant.

        2. I have lived in St. Louis for nine years and have had wonderful meals at Harvest, King Louie's, and Eleven Eleven Mississippi. But I still dream of being able to afford dinner at Tony's.

          So, I think that you would want to give your brother an opportunity to go to Tony's.

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          1. re: Doug

            Having been to Tony's a few times, I'd agree that the service is terrific and it's very upscale, but the food is just a couple slices above ordinary. Period. As for Atlas, I love it, but I'm not sure it's special enough; it's very reasonably priced and has a comfortable atmosphere, but not as creative as, say, Niche or Terrene, which would probably be my top choices. I would also consider American Place because the space is so elegant and packs a wallop, with good food - unlike Busch's Grove, where the space is impressive, but the food absolutely sucks. I'd probably put Pomme in the same category as Atlas. Just went to King Louie's for the 1st time a couple weeks ago. I was prepared not to like it and had low expectations; but I really did like it, so I think that's a reasonable option for the gift dinner.

            1. re: Wayno

              Tony's is defonotely an experience to be had at least once in you food was very good but not great. Your budget may not be enough if they are true oenophiles, their wine cellar is pretty pricey.

              I love King Louie, and the ambience is pretty good. Niche and Atlas has a bistro atomosphere so it isn't the grand experience as Tony's or An American Place. Hell, nothing is like that.

          2. You can't go wrong with King Louie's, Harvest, Sidney Street, or Citizen Kane's. Citizen Kane's is a classic steakhouse, and by far the best in St Louis. Sidney Street is gorgeous (request a table in the back room) and I have never had a meal there that was anything less than perfect. Harvest uses local and in-season ingredients. The food is New American and delish. In my opinion, King Louie's is the best in town. Its very fancy, very expensive, and very worth it. That's where I go for special occassions.

            Stay away from American Place, over priced and over hyped. I've had better meals for a quarter of the price. I used to eat at 1111 Mississippi quite often, and I've found that the food is hit or miss, so I no longer go there.

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            1. re: tazaffe

              I'm having a hard time agreeing with you. I don't get out much, but the days I get off are important as far as getting to area restaurants. I had dinner at Niche on Sunday and it was fantastic. We received extra attention because Sunday is like an industry night over there when you have to work at other restaurants throughout the week. The place I ate at before that was American Place for their market menu that was well priced but not hyped (I had no idea it was there until we arrived at our table). Prior to that my girlfriend and I dined at Sydney Street where the spoonbread and scallops was fantastic and the smoked duck breast was so good. I respect all those places for the quality of cooking they perform every night. I think they all have great possibilities for special occassion dining, just like I mentioned for the four restaurants talked about by Joe Bonwich in the Get Out! section last week.