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Dec 2, 2006 11:49 PM

san carlos chinese

so i just went through previous postings, and again, I am at a loss for any good chinese nearby.... lucky buddha is okay, been there a few times, but anything else.... i am sick and dying for some spicy hot and sour soup.


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  1. China Village on Ralston in Belmont is probably your best bet though I can't recall having their Hot & Sour soup specifically...

    1. Yan's Garden on Laurel is getting really good reviews by the local parents' online group. I've eaten there and found it fresh, hot and better than many of the others in town.

      Also highly recommended is a more upscale place in Belmont called Gin Mon.

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      1. re: orezscu

        After being spoiled eating SF Chinese food, i've sadly come to the conclusion that the chinese restaurants in San Carlos/Belmont aren't up to snuff.
        Out of curiousity, can you post the link to the "local parents' online group"?

        1. re: gourmetwannabe

          Have you tried Yan's garden? I'm curious if this could be a new find since I'd love a local dependable chinese food place and it looks like the prices are reasonable.

      2. Sorry, it's a mailing list, not a website.
        Is there anything in closer towns, like San Bruno (larger Asian communities, I believe) that is more legit?

        I think the only live seafood tank I've even seen in the area is at Lucky Buddha.

        1. The choices in the is mostly limited to American Chinese. You will need to either head North (San Mateo) or South (Moutain View) for better Chinese.

          I was told Lucky Buddha has recently changed hands and may not be doing Cantonese/Macau style food. If it go more Northern Chinese it maybe what you may want.

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          1. re: yimster

            My brother who used to order catering from LB for work in San Mateo directly from the owner, told me that the ownership has not changed. In fact the same people also own a restaurant somewhere in San Jose (near where my brother works now, who still frequently puts in catering orders through the same owner who spends time between LB and the SJ restaurant - sorry don't know the name right now). The latest news is that the owner also recently bought Jade Palace at Stanford Shopping Center, so not sure where you heard LB changed hands...

            1. re: K K

              I went to Lucky Buddha for the first time this past weekend, for take-out. The restaurant is changing its name to "Henry's Garden Restaurant", but it's under the same owner. I'm not sure if the menu is changing.

              We ordered standard dishes but nothing was very good; perhaps the white board items would be better. The kung pao chicken was probably one of the worst renditions I've ever had. Also we had a discomforting experience when one of the items was missing and tried calling the restaurant about it. The result was weird and I wouldn't order from them again.

              1. re: PekoePeony

                Well, I was told by someone who knows the owner of LB and I guess I will have to go and try it myself soon.

                1. re: yimster

                  OK so another version of the story I heard tonight during dinner at Chef Wai with family is that Jenny (the Vietnamese Chinese owner of LB) did sell the LB location in San Carlos. The original LB chef is headed for the newly bought Jade Palace at Stanford Shopping Center, supposedly same food. Not sure if the restaurant will now be LB or Jade Palace. My brother said the San Jose restaurant that Jenny owns is so so. If this is all true, then perhaps Jade Palace is the place to go next (assuming the chef from Macau that was a LB will be at JP). We'll see. The part about Jenny buying JP is true though.

                  1. re: K K

                    Where is Jade Palace? I wasn't aware that there was a Chinese restaurant in the Stanford Shopping Center.

                    1. re: Humbucker

                      Stumped me too. Here's the listing of restaurants at Stanford Shopping Center.
                      We can only hope that the horrid Long Life Noodle is kaput. But there is a Jade Palace on California Avenue in Palo Alto, maybe that's the location?

                      JADE PALACE
                      151 S CALIFORNIA AV
                      PALO ALTO, CA 94306
                      Phone 650-329-0311

                    2. re: K K

                      Any updates on Jade Palace/Lucky Buddha in Palo Alto?

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        If Jade Palace is the place in the condo complex on California Avenu near the railroad tracks, it is pretty bad. Nice people, good service, but on the basis of my 1 visit, I wouldn't return. I had the dish I usually order to test the freshness of ingredients in new places -- some variation of crispy noodles with seafood -- typically scallops, shrimps, and calamari. I smelled the dish before it hit the table, and clearly some of the seafood was off. A couple of the scallops were grayish, so that may have been it, but they also served the rubbery/preserved calamari which I'm not a fan of. This location has been a death trap for restaurants ...maybe they'll get their act together, but it's a "no" for now.

                        1. re: doc

                          Sorry to hear this, sounds pretty icky. How recently was this?

                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                            Recently ... I think about a month ago.

                          2. re: doc

                            I went to eat at Jade Palace once and I will not recommend anyone to go there. Three of us ordered black pepper cubed steak $19.95 ( recommend by the waiter). Thai style fish, less than a pound, $25.95 on our check, the price written on the board is just $19.95, Jenny told us the price difference is because the chef use a better kind of fish instead of the catfish. It's a rip off. Lastly we had a clay pot of 3 cups chicken. The food is all very bland with MSG and it's not worth for the price.

              2. well i ordered from Yan's last night and the hot and sour soup was good, as well as the kung pao chicken. It wasn't the best I have had, but it was definitely better than other places we have tried around here. It all seemed fresh and not overly greasy. I also think it might have been better if the delivery guy didn't get lost for 20 minutes. Next time, I would go and pick it up.

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                1. re: Mel

                  I ordered Yan's last night and they didn't get lost and were at my house within 20 minutes, food pipping hot and very delicious. I think this might be the best in SC that I have found.

                  1. re: Mel

                    There are so many Chinese restaurants on Laurel St in San Carlos, particularly south of Arroyo. Has anyone tried the string of little hole-in-the-wall places -- Flower Drum, Oxford St., Amazing Wok, New Canton, etc.

                    Yan's delivery is very fast, had it twice now.

                    1. re: orezscu

                      amazing wok is marginal at best

                      1. re: orezscu

                        I think that Flower Drum is owned by the same people as Lucky Buddha. We get take out from there often because it seems like the best choice out a mediocre bunch. Their Walnut prawns are good but their hot and sour soup is bland.