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Dec 2, 2006 11:39 PM

Il Mulino with a gift cert?

My fiance scored a $200 gift certificate from a colleague and we are thinking of going in January. I know some chowers are not so keen on the place, but I don't want to gift certificate to go to waste. Any ideas on days/times that are best to go, and also what to try once we're there? Thanks!

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  1. Yes,
    Go during lunch and have the langostines app, the veal parm main and the zabagione for dessert and you will be fine. Well worth it for free or nearly free meal anyway. Never go for dinner. It is a madhouse.

    1. If you do want to go for a dinner, I seriously recommend hitting the one in Long Island instead. It's easy to get a reservation (it's even on Open Table) and they're friendly and much less stressed. And, if you want tips on ordering, there's a definitive posting by "caseophile", re-posted by me last year, that you can do a search for. I had a great meal there and cant wait to return.

      1. Thanks - very helpful. By chance, do you know if the long island location is accessible by LIRR or other public transportation? I don't have a car. Thanks again!