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Dec 2, 2006 11:30 PM

Fiore Yogurt becomes "IF"

I was in Little Tokyo today for lunch and stopped at Fiore. The decor is still the same Pinkberry knock-off, but the name has changed to "if" and they have added two flavors to the original and green tea: sour and blueberry. I tried tried the sour and the original and opted for the sour with blueberries and granola. It was great. My only complaint is that the granola has little too-dry raisins. The fruit was fresh and sweet.

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  1. I stopped by Fiore for the first time, and tried their original and blackberry flavors, so smooth, yummy! The fruits are fresh. I haven't had Pinkberry, so can't compare. But Fiore is a thumbsup for me.

    1. We went to Fiore... I mean IF, today. I've been there a couple times along with Pinkberry but this was the first time for my gf and she thinks IF tastes more like Red Mango than Pinkberry.

      Also, they have a sign as to why they changed their name... long fillers about health and what not... there really wasn't a clear reason why they changed it and I didn't wanna ask the worker but I recall a sentence of the word IF resembling our choices in life. OH Dear... probably copyright infringement.

      I guess I can ask my father to ask the owner since they're friends... the owner of IF also has a large share and original starter of Todai.

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      1. re: Danimal n Hustler

        i notice they change the to again to CEFIORE,... whatever doesn't really matter. can't wait for them to open one up in my area.

      2. Is it true that their yogurt (or at least one of the flavors) is low carb and has no sugar? Someone posted that last week but I am highly doubtful.

        1. Don't they have a pomegranate flavor as well? I peeked into the store today after buying my usual 2+ lbs of muscat grapes at Nijiya ($1.99/lb this weekend!), but decided that the grapes would provide enough sugar (with actual fiber...but I suppose one wouldn't really care about that while *eating* frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, or the like unless there's granola involved ^^ ) to hold me until after-work drinks.

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            We stopped in last night too and the pomegranate and green tea machines were being fixed, but they also had blackberry and plain. The blackberry was very tasty, although there really wasn't any berry flavor -- it was like a purple-colored plain. Good stuff, though, and it's certainly made with real sugar. I believe their tea drinks are sweetened with stevia.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              nice i should go try sometime. really like their plain though..

          2. I really enjoy their shave ice. It's the closest I can get to enjoying the japanese shave ice I returned to over and over when I was last in Hawaii.