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Dec 2, 2006 10:47 PM

do these restaurants still exist...

I was reading some older posts but could not find current web info on these restaurants le petit liban and looking glass, also zeldas. Do they still exist and are they decent places for evening meal--an outoftowner.

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  1. Le Petit Liban - gone.

    Looking Glass - gone.

    Zelda's I think is still around, but hardly "decent", more roadhousey. Club sandwiches, chicken fingers...

    If you're looking for something in The Village, Fire on the East Side (Gloucester St) is nice. I also like Cafe Volo. They aren't super fancy, but pleasant.

    1. Zelda's is the only one still around but not to be recommended for an evening meal, imho.

      In the village, Hair of the Dog is okay for evening food.