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Dec 2, 2006 10:24 PM

Christmas Day Buffet in San Francisco/Berkeley

Any suggestions for a great Christmas Day Buffet in the city or Berkeley? Maybe a view? Family ages 9 mos. to 82. Thanks.

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    1. re: rworange

      $50/pp - I did contact The Cliff House and so far that's a go, however, would love to Bart into the city, not drive. Thanks.

      1. re: kmaznic

        The Cliff House so sucks ... excuse my language. You might have a peppy 82 year old with you, but parking is a bear unless you have handicapped stickers and even then you had better get there early.

        I WAS finally going to go to HS. Lordship in the Berkeley Marina, but someone got sick so plans got cancelled. It gets mediocre reports here but I was scoping it out and it is A LOT more extensive than the Cliff House and I can't imagine them being worse. It has a very nice view and great parking.

        The thing with the view is you have to make sure to specify that since there are some rooms without one. Tell them you have a member in your party that is 82 and needs to be near the buffet. That should ensure a bay view as the tables near it have a buffet. It is about $40 bucks for a holiday.

    2. We have alwways enjoyed the brunch at Cityscape at the SF Hilton. Great buffet and a spectacular view of the City. Here is the link to their Christmas 2006 Brunch Menu:

      1. nice, might be somewhat pricey for some folks,
        check out the xmas day menu link for Jordan's
        at the Claremont in the Berkeley Hills...