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Dec 2, 2006 10:08 PM

Ricks Picks

I just did something for the first time and feel like sharing. I ate a garlic clove whole. Boy was it tasty. It came from the bottom of a jar of Rick's Picks Mean Beans and it tasted like mustard seeds, cayenne, and dillweed, and yet considering it was garlic, the flavor was mellow. Don't do this every day, but don't just toss the garlic at the bottom when you're done with a jar of these pickled string beans.

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  1. I thought everyone ate the garlic! I certainly would never throw it away. I love to throw in a couple of garlic cloves when I make rice and then hope that I'm the lucky one who gets a clove. My hubby eats raw garlic...I can't quite handle that but he swears it keeps him from catching colds. Another great thing to try s vodka shots followed by a pickled garlic or any other veg...

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      boliv,the vodka thing, great to try to ward off colds? or just great to try?

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        Probably both...we just do it for fun tho.

    2. All of Rick's Picks are fabulous. My favorite is the pickled red peppers. Try them!

      Also, Divina has olives stuffed with pickled garlic, one clove per olive. I can eat a dozen at a time. Just make sure everyone else in the room does the same. Or stay at home that night.

      1. mean you don't just eat garlic cloves whole anyway? That's a staple of Korean barbecue to me... lettuce, weird "shredded" salad, rice, bean paste, whole garlic clove, barbecued meat, made into a tube and eaten.