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Do You Use a Toaster Oven?

My husband grew up with one... I didn't.

He would like one... I don't get the point.

If I want to brown something, melt cheese, etc., I'll just use the broiler in the oven. For toast and bagels, I'll use the toaster.


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  1. Even though I also grew up with a toaster oven and depended on it for a long time (my mother hates microwaves, so I'd reheat leftovers on the stove or in the toaster oven), I say it's redundant. And especially since kitchen countertop space is at a premium.

    1. Yes, we use a toaster oven often. It's the only appliance we have on the counter of our small kitchen. We use it for toasting bread, reheating leftovers, baking small batches. It seems more efficient to me to use it for smaller items rather than heating up the big gas oven.

      1. Our primary residence is a small apartment with window-mounted airconditioning and the kitchen doesn't have any a/c. Turning on the gas oven to bake or broil heats up the whole place. If I had the counter space, I'd have both a 4-slice toaster and a toaster oven but, since I only have room for one, I've opted for the toaster oven, since it's multi-use. I've pretty much ended up using my NYC oven for storage space. In our vacation home with central a/c, we have double electric wall ovens, so we bought a 4-slice toaster and left it at that.

        My favorite use for a toaster oven is to make something I haven't had since I was a child: cinnamon toast. My mom would first toast the bread lightly, then spread it with butter, sprinkle one side generously with cinnamon sugar and put it back in the toaster oven until the butter melted and the sugar bubbled up. Sorry, but you can't do that in a toaster.

        1. I hate mine and I'm trying to get the wife to replace it with a toaster. I find it worthless for toasting or browning anything, the only thing it helped with was saving space as we mounted it under the cabinets.

          1. I grew up with one, I think because my parents didn't believe in using the oven for anything other than making a complete meal. So, my brother and I used it a lot, but we lived in the suburbs and had lots of counter space. (It was the 70's, before all the countertop appliances came on the scene. I think Mom had a Mixmaster and a blender, other than the toaster oven?)

            I wouldn't bother now. I don't have extra counter space for it, and my wall mounted oven doesn't heat up the kitchen too badly in summer. I think if you have the counter space, why not indulge your sweetie, though. You might find it handy, who knows? If you don't really have room, though, and the oven's broiler works fine and is at a practical height, he has no need.

            1. I didn't grow up with one and hubby did. I far prefer it to a regular toaster. Besides what you do in a toaster oven that you can't do in a regular toaster, I don't like to heat up the oven. I use the toaster when I wouldn't use my oven. For example, if I have leftovers that would be better baked than microwaved, I hate to dirty the huge pan etc in the regular oven. I would just use the micro. However, the toaster is smaller with just a little pan to wash at the end. I agree with those who said, if you have the space, indulge your hubby. If not, you could maybe store the toaster and see how you like the toaster oven? Just an idea.

              1. I never grew up with a toaster oven, but we got one when we moved in here in our tiny, horrible kitchen and I love it. We use it all the time for making sandwiches, baking potatoes for two, reheating leftovers (I have never had a microwave, nor do I want one), making small batches of croutons, toasting nuts - basically any small oven job I have. It's so much nicer to have that available and not have to Preheat the Kitchen to 350F. Space is at a premium in my (did I mention tiny and horrible) kitchen, so we bought the mounting bracket for it and it lives underneath one of the cabinets so that it doesn't take up any counter space. I probably use that thing a minimum of four times a day. It ROCKS.

                1. Grew up with one but it was primarily because the broiler on my mother's oven was awful and she loved to make appetizers.

                  Living on my own, had one AS the oven. Cooking for one the darn thing did it all, toast, broil, bake. warm. Well worth the investment for a gal on a (then) very ltd. budget.

                  Married, can't live w/out it. In place of an oven during NJ's humid summers, as a second oven for company, as a toaster- perfection, as an oven for the 16 yr old when all he wants is reheated pizza, great for baking small batches of cookies..on and on.

                  You didn't mention brand..but don't skimp. The brands out there today vary enuf to make buying just about all the bells & whistles worthwhile. If you have the counter space go for it...you may find the toaster is the appliance now obsolete.

                  I don't recommend the under the cabinet models tho. Some are a fire harzard but they are also very tiny ovens in exchange for a free counter. Price wise, I've seen toaster costs as much or more than a toaster/oven.

                  Happy shopping!

                  1. We have a smallish, cheap, Black and Decker toaster oven. We use it daily for toast, melting cheese on small items, etc. We wouldn't be without it. We never bake with it. I take baking very seriously, and use a full sized, GE gas oven for that.

                    1. I had one once and when it died I replaced it with a regular toaster. Toaster ovens make lousy toast. They dry the bread out too much. I have central air so heating up the kitchen in summer is not a big deal. I do have a wall of west facing windows but also have shades to block heat and light. Toaster ovens take up too much room, are poorly insulated and just don't deliver. What ever they promise to do I can do faster and more easily in my oven/broiler.

                      1. Ours broke a long time ago and I still want to replace it. There have been many times when I wish I had one since I didn't want to heat up the oven. I would take one over a toaster. It's much easier to make toasted cheese sandwiches with it.

                        1. Mine is a toaster and convection oven and I could not live without it. I use it way more often than my oven. The broiler is terrific as well.

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                            I have the counter top convection oven as well. Love it. Use it all the time. Even make small pizza's in it. Use it to bake- and today will use it for my roast beef and baked sweet potatoes. Had a gift certificate, so thought I would try it out. Now I don't know how I loved without it. It even had a rotisserie attachment which is great for chicken.

                            1. re: macca

                              I just got one and I don't know how to use it. How do you preheat it? I don't know when it is the right temperature. How do you make toast. It dries out. I don't know what temp to put it at. Thank you.

                              1. re: kidderh

                                Hi macca, It is a convection toaster oven. I can't get it to do what I want. It dries out everything. The instruction book is useless.

                            2. re: madwrk

                              Same here, and I love it. I love not heating up the kitchen in the summer, if I'm having a stuffed baked potato, I can just use that (using the convection part) instead of the whole oven. Mine has a digital thermostat, so I can ratchet up the darkness of toast or English muffins to only have to toast it once.

                            3. I really like my toaster oven, it is great for appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms, roasting peppers, making mini pizzas from pita, reheating a slice of pizza and warming half a baguette. I also like to do test batches of cookies and appetizers in it. I hardly use it for toast but it does a good job should I need it. I don't have too much counter space but it doesn't take up too much space.

                              1. I didn't have one growing up but my husband did. So much better than a toaster for reheating food, making cheesy-toast, leftovers, etc. I am a complete convert .

                                1. It's a redundant appliance. If you have a toaster and an oven, you can do anything a toaster oven does.

                                  Now, as for people worried about heating up the kitchen and things of that nature. I've never worried about it but if you are....


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                                  1. re: Davwud

                                    Well, when it's 98 degrees outside and you're running the AC all day and it's STILL hot, and your kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, not having to turn on the full-size oven makes a BIG difference.

                                  2. I have a 6 slice Krups toaster oven. It sells for a premium price. It's the brand I've had the longest without breaking. Toaster ovens are notorious for breaking after a few years. I do everything in it. I use it to save electricity, not heat up my kitchen in the summer, and to save time. It works on all counts. I would avoid the cheap ones.

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                                    1. re: OverTheHill

                                      We have a Black & Decker that is in its 8th year that we paid about $35 for. Still going strong.

                                      1. re: Andiereid

                                        And I have a DeLonghi toaster/convection oven I got at Williams-Sonoma...using a gift card, so it didn't cost me NEAR what I never would have paid for it if I was using all my own money. :-)

                                    2. I use it for melting cheese on toast or sandwiches on a regular basis. And for toasting nuts. And of course toasting bread, bagels, etc. Reheating pizza. Occasionally my son uses it for convenience foods (frozen chicken wings, etc.)

                                      An oven/broiler could do any of these things just as well, but would take longer. And heat up the house in the summer.

                                      1. I prefer having a toaster oven to a regular toaster. I use mine for toasting bread, reheating pizza, baking potatoes,...

                                        Regular ovens use an enormous amount of energy, so when baking potatoes or broiling, why turn on the big oven if you've got a toaster oven?

                                        When my kitchen was under the 15-month renovation from hell and we turned our basement bar area into a makeshift kitchen, I cooked things in the toaster oven I'd never have imagined possible, including roast chicken pieces, hamburgers, even a veal shoulder roast. The toaster oven, along with an electric skillet and electric roaster (made a great chicken soup in it), were my saviours.

                                        1. my toaster oven is used ALL THE TIME. i use it as a mini-oven for reheating things with crusts that i don't want to ruin nuking. i put the item to reheat on a greased toaster oven pan and over it I place an inverted aluminum disposable 8" square pan(we re-use this). 350 til hot in the middle and outside; leaving off the pan for a few final minutes if you need the crust crustier. to me, it's a waste of energy to heat up a whole broiler for a small amount of food. also, i have more control if i can see the food at eye level.

                                          1. Looking at some of the arguments back and forth, I'd say much depends on which appliance you buy. We've had some B&D toaster ovens that lasted about six weeks, and did a lousy job while they still worked. Now we have a pretty cool de Longhi that's been trouble-free for the last two years (except for the timer switch that I broke from sheer stupidity). I will say to Candy that I *like* the fact that it dries out the toast - it's more like Melba toast, and I prefer my toast that way - and as all of my smaller gratin pans fit into it I can avoid using my big ovens to finish a lot of dishes.

                                            We have a two-slice toaster, too, but it's one of those Hello Kitty things that's more for fun than for serious breakfast...

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                                            1. re: Will Owen

                                              3+ years after the above post, the DeLonghi is still perking along just fine, though we had to get the main switch replaced. That ran us a whole 18 bucks... It's a good machine. I use it mostly to toast muffins or whatever else won't fit handily into the Hello Kitty 2-slice, and to finish batches of cheese grits for the occasional breakfast extravaganza. The small gratin pans continue to fit in it as well. Good little machine.

                                              1. re: Will Owen

                                                I've had my DeLonghi (digital display vs. knobs to turn) convection toaster oven for about 8+ years now, and it's still working wonderfully as well.

                                                I do so love that you have a Hello Kitty toaster, Will. ;-)

                                                And I smile at the thread being revived 3+ years later. :-)

                                                1. re: LindaWhit

                                                  Mrs. O is the Hello Kitty freak. If I had my druthers we'd be using one of our many, many vintage chrome guys, but what the heck.

                                                  Our DeLonghi has no digital anything, just knobs. It was the "Retro" chrome one.

                                                  1. re: Will Owen

                                                    I have one of the chrome DeLonghi toaster ovens that I think I've had for at least five years. It replaced a much older DeLonghi that I took out to the farm. We use it almost on a daily basis and have never had a problem with it. I just can't see heating up the oven for a small amount of food. And the toaster oven certainly doesn't heat up the kitchen like a regular oven.

                                                    1. re: decolady

                                                      If you need something with a bit more capacity, consider the Breville Smart Oven. We got one recently and are very pleased with it. Seems to be at least as good quality as the DeLonghi/Krups/Cuisinart machines, but can handle up to 12" square or 13" round pans, with over 5" of usable height, making it suitable for a wider range of cooking than the traditional toaster oven. And still keeps the kitchen cool!


                                            2. Wow... thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate it.

                                              My husband and I live in northern Vermont so most of the year I don't have to worry about heating up the kitchen, lol. We also have limited counter space, so a toaster oven wouldn't fit. We are, however, planning on moving this summer to California. Based on what most of you have said, I think a toaster oven would be a good idea once we move.


                                              1. I grew up in a toaster oven household, yet I just acquired my own a few months ago.
                                                Recently my big discovery is how simple it is to toast nuts in that thing! No more forgotten burnt nuts in a big wasteful oven... just set the thing on medium and you have perfectly toasted nuts.

                                                1. I grew up without either toaster oven or microwave. I now use both, t.o. especially for melting cheese or re-heating stuff that cannot be re-heated in a microwave; and microwave for things like individual large bowls of fish soup/stew or "baked" potatoes. I built our present kitchen so that neither occupies counter space.

                                                  1. We use our toaster oven for lots of things: Bread crumbs, croutons, toasting nuts, crostini, re-heating pizza, etc. Redundant? Maybe. But it's more efficient than using the whole oven, easier to control the temperature, and easier to clean.

                                                    But microwaves are evil.

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                                                    1. re: Grubbjunkie

                                                      As to the evils of microwaves, you must not have kids.

                                                      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                                                        Because they don't fit inside???

                                                        Please explain your comment.

                                                        1. re: Carrie 218

                                                          Don't say that! The newspaper just had a story about a woman microwaving her baby.

                                                          By the way, I've managed to raise a 13 year old without a microwave. We do have a toaster oven and use it often.

                                                          1. re: Carrie 218

                                                            I do all the cooking all of the time for our family and do a lot of cooking for large group get-togethers. A lot of tasks are faster with use of the microwave; plus our three year old is allowed some leeway in what she requests to eat at each meal. The mw adds a bit of fast flexibility.

                                                          2. re: Sam Fujisaka

                                                            I have two kids, with another on the way. We gave up our microwave a few years back. I miss it only because now I have no way to heat up my bean-filled neck hot pack thingy (definitely not oven or toaster oven safe!) Other than that between the toaster oven, regular oven, and stovetop, I find it's the microwave that would be redundant.

                                                            1. re: SaoirseC

                                                              I cook a lot for my 6 year old daughter ahead of time. The MW for final prep is a welcome tool in our house. It is also useful for quickly making her breakfast oatmeal, for fish, potatos, and much more.

                                                        2. I just bought a Cuisinart convection toaster/broiler countertop to replace our trusty old Black and Decker that was on its last legs. We use our big oven mostly to store pots and pans.

                                                          This looks to be even better than our B&D, and I suspect will get even more use. There's just no point in firing up a big oven for a small job. I'd never be without a toaster oven. Ever. It does everything.

                                                          I can't wait to get this one out of the box .....................

                                                          1. I grew up with one but a year ago, ended a VERY long relationship and let the ex keep the toaster oven.

                                                            Now, having lived without either a regular toaster or toaster oven, I am happy to have regained the counter space. Nothing I can't do in an oven or microwave.

                                                            1. I use my toaster oven all the time for many things that have already been mentioned, like reheating things (particularly things that should be crisped up), baked potatoes, occasional frozen chicken fingers for my 2 year old. I was always putting these things in the oven until recently when we had company and I couldn't fit the baked potatoes in the regular oven with the rest of the food in there. I liked the way they came out of the toaster oven -- much better than the regular oven. Plus, the toaster oven is much quicker to heat up.

                                                              I wouldn't think of baking in it and I've never really "cooked" anything in it, but I couldn't be without it.

                                                              As far as brands go, we have a B&D that we inherited from my sister in 1995 (she had it for a few years before that) and it's still going strong.

                                                              1. We solved a couple of problems (cheap toaster ovens continually breaking, and microwave oven used for little else than thawing) by buying a fairly large microwave oven/convection-conventional oven combo, plus a standard toaster. The combination oven is used to thaw, just as before, and then as a small oven for small pizza's, knishes, muffins/scones, etc. - without heating up the big oven. And we have the AI toaster that gets everything from bagels to English muffins just right. There is a combination mode for microwave+convection at the same time, and you might think that this would be useful, but we haven't really found ourselves using it. I guess that if you don't cook with microwaves, you just don't cook with microwaves.

                                                                Here's one of those combo ovens:

                                                                Ours is a Japanese Sanyo model and so far has lasted about 4 years - about 2 years longer than any of the uninsulated, toy-like toaster ovens we had before. The Cuisinart 4-piece toaster has lasted equally as long.

                                                                1. nope, I use a toaster for toast/english muffins., and my 5 burner convection oven when I need to broil, bake, or do any serious cooking

                                                                  1. I have a toaster oven, but no traditional toaster or microwave. I have no use for a microwave, and the toaster oven does everything a toaster can do and a lot more. I'm content with my setup. Although I do wish I had a bigger kitchen, with more counterspace, a better range...

                                                                    1. If you use the oven a lot for the broiler-type stuff like you mentioned, a toaster over is much more energy efficient than heating up the entire oven. I find it wasteful to heat up the entire oven for a piece of toast with melted cheese on it.

                                                                      1. For the truly toaster oven committed, there's a cookbook out there: "The Gourmet Toaster Oven" by Lynn Alley.

                                                                        Saw a reference to it in a NY Times Dining section article in August 2005, in which the writer cooked a full dinner -- starter, main with side, dessert -- for four in her DeLonghi (" Adorable and wee, it filled my childhood Easy-Bake oven void"). Now, that's love.

                                                                        1. I don't use one -- there's no space on the counter! I think I probably would use it if I had one, but I don't and get by just fine. I don't tend to eat a lot of toast at home anyhow, though I know they're good for lots of other things too. :)

                                                                          1. I have ZERO counter space (darned NYC kitchens), and I still can't live without my toaster oven. I just replaced my 15 year old Black & Decker cheapo with a deluxe DeLonghi, and the DeLonghi is a revelation! It's practically as fast as a microwave for reheating, without the squeaky, rubber food syndrome. I use it to make all manner of snacks when I don't feel like "cooking"...individual pita pizzas, toasted open face sandwiches, just toast, little gratin dishes of all kinds, individual crocks of pasta with cheese. And yes the nut toasting is great in a toaster oven, although I did manage to burn $10 worth of pecans at Thanksgiving. [sigh]

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                                                                            1. re: ballulah

                                                                              Anyone who's ever used a toaster oven will never give it up. Although its SO usefull for many things... times when you don't need to fire up the oven... for just making toast its so much better than a toaster. I like being able to SEE the amount of "done-ness" so the toast is done just right.

                                                                              1. re: ballulah

                                                                                I don't use my microwave either, lol. There's just no space for it all!

                                                                              2. I use mine like crazy!
                                                                                Don't think of it as a 'toaster oven', think of it as an oven for smaller jobs...

                                                                                I have one of those taller ones that you can roast a chicken in --- and I do...
                                                                                I recommend those taller square lookin' ones rather than the low rectangle design...

                                                                                Right now I have 12 seasoned chicken thighs baking at 450F...
                                                                                They're gonna be great...

                                                                                Potatos, Bagels, leftovers, Frittatas... Jeez!
                                                                                I certainly use it more than my real oven...

                                                                                1. My love grew up with a toaster oven. I did not. We bought one lately since Love was crying about not having one and was convinced that I would find it useful enough to take up space on the counter. I'm still not convinced that it is really any better than the broiler or our convection & microwave combination oven, and certainly not better than a toaster. In fact, Love admitted today that it makes wretched toast. The standard result is toasted on one side and striped on the other. Bleh.

                                                                                  I think it really comes down to this:
                                                                                  -- toaster ovens (and toasters) are good for drop-it-in-and-walk-away cooks
                                                                                  -- broilers are good for innate-sense-of-timing or willing-to-watch cooks

                                                                                  The only thing a toaster oven does better than a toaster is small servings of baked/crispy foods that are messy/horizontal.
                                                                                  Toaster ovens are for fetishists and broiler/oven-free homes of two or fewer occupants.

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                                                                                  1. re: Bananna A.

                                                                                    Completely disagree on your whole theory of which type of cooks prefer toaster ovens to broilers. The reasons abound why some prefer toaster ovens...see above. As for two or fewer occupants, uh, NO. Households with kids/teenagers use a TO quite a bit. Ever heard of one serving?

                                                                                  2. I'm not a big toast eater but when I do it's usually awkwardly shaped things like bagels, baguettes, etc., and for that the toaster over is great. Saturday I made sandwiches on baguettes split lengthwise and only a TO could do that. I don't have a conventional toaster.

                                                                                    Speaking of lifespan of these: I bought one around 1980 or so when I first went out on my own. It was the ubiquitous GE chrome and black model that came with a baking pan as well as a broiler pan. Although much worse for wear, it worked fine but in 2002 I redid my kitchen and wanted a white one. I ended up buying its successor, now a B&D, but quickly discovered they don't make them like they used to -- no broiler pan and overall much more cheaply made. I should have kept the old one.

                                                                                    1. I grew up with a toaster oven. All of my siblings have one and use them semi-regularly. My sister and I have Celiac disease (sluten-intollance, mostly in wheat, barley, rye, etc.)so we can't use the toaster that everyone else uses because of gluten-contamination / cross-contamination. The the regular toaster has all sorts of bread particles in it that would be harmful to my sister and I so we use the toaster oven. It's just easier to avoid contamination.

                                                                                      1. I grew up with one and it was my favorite means to toast an english muffin in the morning with butter and to make something we called "balloons" which was a slice of american cheese on a slice of white bread. into the toaster oven and it would "puff" hence the word balloon.

                                                                                        Then twenty years ago, DW and i going away for the weekend. Forty minutes from the house we remembered we left the toaster-oven on. Quick u-ey on the road, back to the house, unplugged it and threw in the trash. Haven;t had one since and have not missed.

                                                                                        Use the broiler or MV instead.

                                                                                        1. Dear Katiepie, It is a Ge convection toaster oven. It dries everything out. I don't know how to preheat it. The instruction book is useless. I lowered the temp like it said to use the oven and then I had to keep turning the timer to turn it on. Help!! Thank you

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                                                                                          1. re: kidderh


                                                                                            This is a link to a video about toaster ovens. It might be more helpful to start a new thread and specify what brand and model of toaster oven you have.

                                                                                          2. The last toaster oven I owned was a B&D, I hated it! The bottom of the glass door could not be cleaned and the crumb tray bottom would not stay shut. I ended up with a melted countertop. Just a bad design. Tossed it out and will probably not bother getting another one.

                                                                                            1. No! I hate them and they make lousy toast. When the one I had died (don't know why i bought it in the first palce) I went back to the good old Oster toaster

                                                                                              1. Seems the thread has been revived :)

                                                                                                I use mine daily and love it. Its a Delonghi convection oven with push button digital controls. We don't use it for normal toasting (we have a classic, stainless cuisnart 2 slice toaster that we love) but we use it for all kind of things. Individual cheese souffles, heating up pizza, baking small pizzas, baking small (2 serving size) pyrex dishes of mac and cheese, enchiladas, lasagna, etc. I've used it for cornish game hens, cookies, brownies, etc etc. The main reason I love it is that our house is sort of oddly put together and all of the heat from the main, gas oven in our kitchen funnels right up to the bedroom. That's fine in the winter, but in the summer or on a warm night, it makes the bedroom unbearably hot when we want to go to sleep. The toaster oven is a more efficient and less head producing way to do a lot of things, especially if you're cooking for 1 or 2.

                                                                                                1. All the time, now I have an industrial-strength TO (the Krups FBC2). Not much as a toaster, though I'm satisfied with how it toasts, but constantly as an oven - baking, roasting, broiling. Convection too. Cooking for myself, it's much more practical in every way than firing up the gas oven right next to it, which nowadays I only do when there are guests. Well, not quite *every* way - I pay for the electricity, the landlord provides the gas.

                                                                                                  A little more about the Krups. Its oven space is large enough to use a 10" x 10" baking pan, cookie sheet, whatever you can get at that size, in addition to the broiler rack and pan that comes with it. Had to hunt around for right-sized cookware, ordered some from amazon.com. Barring outsized stuff like turkey and rack of lamb, or an oven temperature above 450°, I'm ready for just about anything.

                                                                                                  You don't really need a toaster oven cookbook, or to change recipes so they'll work in the TO. Except that of course the portions/quantities will be smaller than if baking or roasting for a family of four. But I picked up Lois DeWitt's "Pop It In the Toaster Oven" because the introduction is full of useful stuff about choosing, using, and getting cookware for toaster ovens.

                                                                                                  Those who say a toaster oven is redundant if you have a toaster and an oven, it ain't necessarily so. Depends on the kind of oven and the kind of toaster oven you have. The toaster oven may make the toaster redundant, but it's supposed to, right? That's not the question.

                                                                                                  (Never had a microwave and don't expect to get one. Nothing against it, just don't feel the need for it. But I can see that others would, if they like microwavable prepared foods.)

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                                                                                                  1. re: armagnac

                                                                                                    I've had this one for 2 1/2 years and love it. It toasts better than other ovens I've owned and bakes well, too. I don't have a lot of counter space, but this is one thing I make space for.

                                                                                                    Most of the time, for just the two of us, it is a waste of energy to run the big oven.

                                                                                                  2. Absolutely... The Cuisinart convection oven. Use it more than my regular oven. It is great!

                                                                                                    1. I have never used one, much less owned one, and have never seen the point. I use my oven for everything, including making toast.

                                                                                                      1. Hey Katiepie,
                                                                                                        Did you ever get a toaster oven? You've started a really barn burner of a discussion here (since 2006 - WOW), and I just want to know if you ever got one?
                                                                                                        Let me know.

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                                                                                                        1. re: tpldrew

                                                                                                          I know... I can't believe it, lol!
                                                                                                          Yes, I did get one... hubby and I moved to California two years ago and we don't have central air and the kitchen gets HOT in the summer. I bought a cheap one at Macy's... the Bella Cucina. I imagine it was inexpensive for a reason... it takes forever to heat up, and cooks pretty unevenly. I use it to reheat pizza, toast, melt cheese, etc. Someday I would like to get a better one... this thread is a good starting point! Thanks for asking... I can't believe this thread lives on! Awesome.

                                                                                                        2. We got one as a wedding present, 20+ years ago. It was ugly, took up a lot of counter space, melted things to its walls so there was always a plastic label melted backward on it, and DH, a highly-trained wildland firefighter, caught hard-shell taco shells on fi re in it TWO nights in a row. When we moved I tossed it and got a toaster, which I'm much happier with, especially since I got a much better stove too and now I can do what I want where I want without the stupid TO sitting around on the counter looking ugly.