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Dec 2, 2006 09:26 PM

Best chocolate cake in L.A.?

I need to buy the world's yummiest chocolate cake for a birthday this week. The Old Fashioned Chocolate at Sweet Lady Jane's has never failed me, but I'm curious to know what other people suggest. Thanks!

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  1. Costco has two chocolate cakes to choose from; one is 14.95 I think and is a very large two layer decadent looking oh so very chocolate cake and another that looks and smells delicious for 6.95. Haven't tried either but seldom disappointed by Costco's baked goods.

    1. It's good to find a good one so I stick to my top two: Urth Caffe and Gelson's!!!!! Both are really good and moist.

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        Gelson's really? Wow! Does this include the chocolate cupcakes? Is there a special name for the cake at Gelson's?

        1. re: jniceyw

          Chocolate Parisian at Gelson's is really good.

      2. Though I have not sampled it personally, my co-worker swears by Susina Bakery's Bear Cake. She's brought it to multiple events and it's always a hit. Check out their online menu at:

        1. The black forest chocolate cake from the El Segundo Bakery.

          The location is left out as an excersise for the reader.

          1. I've searched near and far and haven't found much better than SLJ's Old Fashioned Chocolate. The dark chocolate cupcakes at Leda's are fantastic and they will make full sized cakes for you.