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NYTimes: The Best Chinese Restaurants in Southern California


What do you think of his reviews?

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  1. Another reason not why I don't subscribe to the NYT...I checked out their top ten book list of 2006 - I started 4 of them, and quit after about 50 pages each time.

    And I enjoy reading!

    1. For some reason the NY Times never gets anything right about Los Angeles. They have correspondents here, but most of the time - other than movie business news, they have their NY-based people write about restaurants and culture and things like that out here, and it is nearly always laughable. I do think the editor might have checked the address of Chung King - which is no longer on Garfield. And Foo Chow? Who is this guy kidding?

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      1. I do not trust NY Times reviews for anything concerning Asian or Latino cuisines

        1. I respect Mr. Bittman and enjoyed his very well written article. The background info on the greater SGV would be useful for NYers and other out of towners. I will admit that a current address for Chung King should have been in the article. This restaurant is IMNSHO one of the best restaurants on the planet (old and new locations)- PERIOD! I haven't made it to the 2 dim sum places that he mentions but I have read some pretty good reviews about them on this board and elsewhere! The other 2 places, oh well, ya can't get em all right.

          1. Chang's Garden??? I mean, the food there is not bad, but far from being the best of So. Cal. Din Tai Fung is practically right next door!

            1. This guy is supposed to be Mr. Knowitall, the one the chefs read, the savviest foodie on the planet? And he doesn't know that Chung King moved about a year ago, and now takes plastic??

              As for the writing, I'm sorry, but aside from the rather nice bit about compulsively feeding more Chung King food into a body writhing in pain from what it's ingested already, neither Mrs. O nor I thought it was up to what SIV and Mr. Gold give us on a weekly basis. Pretty thin, frankly.

              1. I love his reviews despite facts checking. Good read and I agree with most of his recommendations. And as great as Mr. Gold is, he's also occasionally missed the mark on certain restaurants. Obviously we aren't going to get a consensus about Chinese restaurant, but I give Mr. Bittman lots of credit for Triumphal Palace being his favorite restaurant. I read his review in GQ a while back ago about eating in Los Angeles which was also a good read with some smart recommendations.

                1. The article read as if it were reported 18 months ago, when Chung King was in Monterey Park and Triumphal Palace still had its original chef. How Foo Chow fits into an article about the San Gabriel Valley, though - or into any list of great Chinese restaurants - is still puzzling. And although Chang's Garden has several Shanghai dishes on the menu, it is not really a Shanghainese restaurant.

                  1. To be fair, he does state that LA's Chinese food is on average much better than Chinese food found elsewhere in the country. It pretty well ends up being personal preference.

                    It's the same thing with the Korean restaurants there. I've had so many good meals at different restaraunts, it boils down to which one satisfies my palette, as opposed to just finding good Korean food.

                    1. Maybe somebody who knows it could send the New York Times Chungking's new address, so they could print a correction.