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Dec 2, 2006 09:24 PM

NYTimes: The Best Chinese Restaurants in Southern California

What do you think of his reviews?

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  1. Another reason not why I don't subscribe to the NYT...I checked out their top ten book list of 2006 - I started 4 of them, and quit after about 50 pages each time.

    And I enjoy reading!

    1. For some reason the NY Times never gets anything right about Los Angeles. They have correspondents here, but most of the time - other than movie business news, they have their NY-based people write about restaurants and culture and things like that out here, and it is nearly always laughable. I do think the editor might have checked the address of Chung King - which is no longer on Garfield. And Foo Chow? Who is this guy kidding?

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      1. I do not trust NY Times reviews for anything concerning Asian or Latino cuisines

        1. I respect Mr. Bittman and enjoyed his very well written article. The background info on the greater SGV would be useful for NYers and other out of towners. I will admit that a current address for Chung King should have been in the article. This restaurant is IMNSHO one of the best restaurants on the planet (old and new locations)- PERIOD! I haven't made it to the 2 dim sum places that he mentions but I have read some pretty good reviews about them on this board and elsewhere! The other 2 places, oh well, ya can't get em all right.

          1. Chang's Garden??? I mean, the food there is not bad, but far from being the best of So. Cal. Din Tai Fung is practically right next door!