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Dec 2, 2006 09:08 PM

Tampa-Six Tables?

Have an upcoming reservation @ Six Tables in Tampa. Has anyone been? Feedback? Thanks.

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  1. i've not been although the one in Tampa is just a few blocks from my home. i've never heard a single complaint about the food. i talked to someone recently who went on his birthday and discovered when they arrived that he and his wife were the only people there that night. the restaurant gave them excellent food and service. the atmosphere, of course, is very intimate (even more so when you're the only ones in it). and the food is supposed to be very good, as it should be for those prices.

    1. check out the weekly planet. They ran a review of the Dunedin location in the last month or so. didn't sounds bad, but didn't sound worth the money, either.


      1. The Six Tables experience was great. Very intimate. The dining pace was perfect. The chef does customize dishes for each customer. You do feel special. The quality was very good and we were not disappointed. I would go again.

        1. I ate at 6 tables in Boca Raton. The concept is great and the food was special. I was dissapointed in the dessert. They served creme puffs with suzette sauce and the cream puffs were icy inside - like they were half frozen. I have bought these creme puffs myself at Costco, but did not expect to have them dressed up with the suzette sauce and served to me at this restaurant. It really made me wonder about the origins of the other courses....

          1. The original comment has been removed