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Dec 2, 2006 08:57 PM

A Month In Scottsdale

We will be spending a month in Scottsdale starting the end of this week. We would like recommendations for dinner places of all kinds, especially at "reasonable" prices.

Some specific questions: Does the area have a "Chinatown" where places might be open on Christmas ( a family tradition)? Two years ago we had trouble finding any and would appreciate even some recommnedations for good Chinese food at anytime.
Also helpful would be some suggestions for take out food.


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  1. Not Chinese, but Chompie's is open on Christmas. It was a madhouse last year.

    Not sure about any Chinese places that might be open on Christmas, but I'm sure that some are.

    1. The classic Chinatown neighborhood in downtown Phoenix no longer exists. It gave way to other development after WWII. There are some suburban shopping centers with a heavily Chinese orientation, though. The ones that come to mind are the COFCO Chinese Cultural Center on 44th Street on the east side of Phoenix and the shopping center on the northwest corner of Dobson and Southern in Mesa. As for whether any of the restaurants in these locations are open Christmas Day, I can't say. One place you might contact is Golden Buddha, located in the COFCO center:

      As for good Chinese at any time, I heartily recommend Super Dragon at 12th St. and Northern Avenue in North Central Phoenix.

      For general Scottsdale recommendations, just search this board with the word "Scottsdale" to see numerous relevant threads.

      1. I would also recommend calling C-Fu Gourmet in Chandler for their Christmas hours, as well. Not a long drive, and definitely worth it. Great dim sum.

        1. wonderin32 didn't say it, but Chompies is a Jewish Deli place. It's got a big sitdown area. When we're in town, we go there at least once for breakfast. Excellent corned beef hash. We'll pickup a selection of cookies from their bakery area.

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          1. Golden Buddha. Open Christmas. We ate there on Christmas last year. Arrived around 6:30. Waited over 30 minutes (at bar) for table. Once seated, it took forever for food to come out. They appeared to be under-staffed for the amount of guests. That being said, food was outstanding, although I do not remember what we ate. Normally order Peking Duck, but opted out this time. A close-by table ordered it, and it looked great. Next time. Will definitely return.

            C-Fu Gourmet. Open Christmas. Prior to last year, C-Fu has been our regular Christmas evening outing. In the last few years it has gotten pretty crowded on Christmas. All of the seafood and fish dishes are very good, as is the Peking Duck.