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Dec 2, 2006 08:32 PM

Mussels in San Francisco: Where can I buy?

I just spent 2 hours looking for live ones (New May Wah, and a couple of seafood stores on Clement, Falletti's, Andronico's). Any other good suggestions?
Even that place in Laurel Village was a no-go.
Thank you

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    1. I have not seen mussels (nor clams) for a few weeks, (I started looking Nov 18, 2006). Based on where you have looked and my experiences, I suspect there is something wrong with the supply chain.

      1. I know there out there. I just saw them at Mill Valley Market. Also Whole Foods and Real Foods is where I usually bought them when I lived in the city.

        1. How about the new vendor in the Westfield/Bloomie's bldg?
          (Bristol Farms?), maybe in the Ferry Bldg (yah I know, got
          to go ALL The Way Downtown for either of those...)
          Is J R Seafood on Bayshore still open??

          1. They are on sale this week at Andronico's. I bought some the other day.