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Dec 2, 2006 08:32 PM

Ganges for Indian Food - Big Disappointment

We were in Montreal (our hometown) for a few days and had a craving for Indian. Checked out Chowhound, and realized that there don't seem to be any Indian restaurants that really stand out.

Based on a few reviews, we decided to try Ganges on Sherbrooke West in N.D.G. In one word - YUCK. The service was terrible - we had to beg someone to take our order, and the food was probably the worst Indian I've ever had. All of the dishes we ordered were sickeningly sweet - something I've NEVER encountered with Indian food - and, needless to say, we had lots of leftovers.

We started with the prawn puri, which was okay but not great, and turned out to be the only dish of the whole evening with any heat in it. We also had a couple of samosas, which were bland and filled only with potato. The butter chicken, the lamb korma, the aloo gobi, and the mattar paneer, were all incredibly sweet and lacked any depth of flavour whatsoever. The nan was very good, but with no great sauces to dip it into, what's the point?

For our next visit, is there anything in Montreal better than this?

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  1. Good question. I hope someone responds and reveals a good Indian restaurant.

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    1. re: lil mikey

      Restaurant Gandhi on St. Paul in Old Montreal. Very inovative dishes (i.e. duck tandoori). Well done classics also, such as butter chicken, lamb biryani, aloo gobi. Well worth the visit.

      1. re: RAMGOD

        I really wanted to like Gandhi, but I honestly didn't think it was all that special. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. Maybe it was choices, I certainly don't remember any dish standing out.

        1. re: SusanB

          O.K. In that case, try the East India Company on Queen Mary, corner of Cote des Neiges. Order off the menu, better than the buffet, which is pretty good.

          1. re: RAMGOD

            What would you suggest from the East India Company menu(I've eaten twice from their buffet so far)?

    2. I recommend Halal 786 on Jean Talon (Pakistan rest.) I've experienced good service & good cuisine there.
      Check out the bottom of this thread (incl. address/phone #):

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      1. re: morebubbles

        Halal 786 might be putting drugs in your food.
        I'm always in need of their BBQ chicken, biryanni rice and channa masala.
        Great Pakistani food. I had better experience there than at an Indian restaurants.

      2. I really enjoy ATMA >> 3962 St. Laurent (near Duluth) 798-8484

        While certainly not an Indian cuisine connoisseur, I've always enjoyed any meal there and have been on several occasions with friends of Indian origin who also loved the total experience. Basically, it's sexy. Great for groups, it's got an effortless style to it which is modern but doesn't feel pretentious or manufactured. Reminded me of a place in London actually that I loved (Jewel).

        1. I like Bombay Mahal on Jean-Talon at the corner of Birnam (about a block or so before l'Acadie). They do idli (a chickpea flour cake) with sambhar (a lentil sauce), which is not often found at Indian places in Montreal. You can ask for things to be hot, and they will actually chop fresh green jalapenos into your food. The biryani is excellent, and so is their aloo gobhi.

          If you're around NDG, you could try out Star of India, near Melrose on Sherbrooke. They have excellent Naan.

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          1. re: serpah

            I really enjoyed the food at ganges, but I must agree that their service is horrible.

            1. re: simplygenius

              I do enjoy the food,I also had no bad experience with the service. bad luck?

          2. I have to strongly disagree (and note the original posting was almost 3 years ago.) Ganges is the best Indian in Montreal if not north of NYC. The ingredients are absolutely fresh and highest quality. Each dish is cooked to order. Nothing warming on the back burner all day until it is glop.
            The puri was the only dish with heat becuase it's the only dish she ordered that is supposed to have heat. (kormas and paneers are not supposed to be hot). Butter chicken is a sweet dish and so yes, itwill be sweet.)

            I've been going to Ganges for nearly 10 years now and have sent many out of towners there. We all rate it as the best Indian food we've had in memory.

            Please give Ganges a chance and don't be put off by this old review.

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            1. re: MsMonet

              Please note that the negative review was buried beneath three years of cobwebs. While your defense of the establishment is very noble in intent, by dusting off the cobwebs you have brought it back to the top of the pile....

              1. re: eat2much

                And by replying you've done the same thing. Ganges is still open and so this is a valid comment anytime, I don't see the difference between this and starting a new thread.

                I've had Ganges a few times and my opinion is that it IS quite good. Definitely some of the best in mtl.

                1. re: berbatov

                  I would argue that my reply was an hour after the previous one and as such is hardly the same thing as three years. My point is that, like you and MsMonet, I think that Ganges is a pretty good restaurant and to dredge up a years old negative review is arguably not the same as starting a new thread.