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Looking for breakfast and lunch in Atlanta. Any nice old established restaurants popular with Atlantans. Having dinner at Emeril's. Thanks.

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  1. For breakfast I like Java Jive or Thumbs Up Diner.
    For lunch or breakfast, you could try the Silver Skillet.
    All depends on what you mean by "nice old".

    1. I'd do lunch at Mary Mac's (given your criteria of "nice old established", plus I really like the food). And were I you I'd cancel the reservation at Emeril's and eat at one of the many excellent local restaurants.

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        Glad you added that about Emeril's. Not worth it.

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          You don't like Emril's? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Been to Rathbun's twice. First time liked it, second time was nothing special. Been to Nava once. It was OK. Thanks.

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            Check out this thread on upmarket dining in Atlanta, and take your pick: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/347351

        2. I've not been to Emeril's just because of all the bad reviews. Sotto Sotto is great.

          1. Is Crescent Moon still in Decatur? Used to be one of the best breakfasts in the area. Also I've had a couple of excellent dinners at Watershed in Decatur, but it's been a while.

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              Yes, Crescent Moon is still there and is a great choice for lunch too.

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                I prefer Pastries A-GoGo to Crescent Moon. The service is better and the place isn't so kitcchy corporate. Plus, I think their biscuits are hands-down the best in the city.

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                Is Crescent Moon a sort of retro funky kinda place on Ponce de Leon? If so, I was driving by, it looked interesting, stopped and had breakfast. Was a great find.

              3. where are you staying in Atlanta? Would make a difference as to where you go to breakfast. Flying Biscuit's original location is fun, but not worth the drive across town when there are good places all over the place. Definitely agree with the comments on Emeril's. Nobody who lives here eats there. Only out-of-towners on expense accounts. Again, tons of great restaurants, depends on where you are and how much you want to spend. Agree with service comment on Crescent Moon. Do you want to experience a real southern breakfast, go to one of the "power breakfast" locations (some are complete dives), or just plain good food?

                1. Thanks atlantachowhound. We're staying in Buckhead. Sorry you feel that way about Emeril's. We were not fans of his but found his restaurant in New Orleans a revelation. We have been to Atlanta Emerils many times and are always delighted with specials, find service amazing and think price is reasonable. We can order every appetizer on the menu and make a wonderful dinner of them for less than $75 including large tip since service is always exceptional. If we're in the mood, we can always spend lots more without feeling ripped off like we do when we have mediocre meal at any price. Don't mean to rant but as I read posts, I wonder if there's something I'm missing. Anyway, we are not expense accounts, we're not looking for most expensive or hottest restaurants, we're looking for first rate food, nice presentation, good service. Hopefully better than we can get at home. We'll be there over a weekend, so that may limit our choices for breakfast and lunch. All suggestions carefully considered and most appreciated.

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                    If you've been there so many times, it would be wise just to branch out a bit if for no other reason. Try Repast down by City Hall East.


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                      Repast sounds wonderful. Thanks for the idea.
                      I wish they were open for lunch.

                  2. I love Joel's up Northside Drive. If in Buckhead, Restaurant Eugene is a delight. Their chef is supposed to be on Iron Chef American soon. For breakfast Flying Biscuit is different and fun

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                      Speaking of Iron Chef, Richard Blais (from One Midtown Kitchen and fomerly lots of spots in ATL) was on the other night and lost against Mario Batali. The chickpea was the secret ingredient. Very interesting ingredient...and numerous comments (some sarcastic) about the number of gadgets Blais used.

                    2. Papi's is a nice, simple lunch place, on the corner west of Mary Mac's. Cuban food.