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Dec 2, 2006 07:37 PM

Buying wine

Where do you buy your run of the mill, every day drinking wine? Have you found great prices anywhere? I'll get it from Costco (good White Tail prices and larger bottles), World Market, whatever grocery store I happen to be in. I was wondering if it's worth the trip to the large outlet types stores like Beverages and More.

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  1. You should definately check out Beverages and More.
    They have a good selection and they also have cheap deals going on every now and then.

    also check out wine.woot.com

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      Isn't the closest bevmo about 2500 miles from DC?

    2. You have probably heard this from other folks, but Trader Joe's really does have good deals for "everyday drinking wine." You can find good blends/table wines for $5-10.

      1. Check the Washington Post on Mondays - wine ads come out then. All stores have a few wines that are their "loss leaders" that they post on sale at cost. Check those first.

        Then, Costco. Costco has some of the lowest mark-ups in the biz. Right now, I'd buy the Catena Chardonnay (Nicholas Catena, Chile) - think it's about $11. Steal. They are a bit low at this time - but, expect much more in a few weeks as they ramp up inventory for the holidays.

        Lastly, check out winestilsoldout.com for some killer deals. One wine per day is discounted up to 70% until sold out. Today is an Italian white for less than $6 - delivered and tax free. Can't beat that!

        Cheers and good luck.

        1. I tend to like to buy local for these, especially as they tend to get some more interesting stuff. DeVinos is right around the corner from me so I go there a lot, if it's something I need that's a bit more exotic I tend to go up to Calvert Woodly

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'd better get drinking...

            I like buying local wines, too. We do trips out to the vineyards but just ran out of our last Naked Mountain which is one of my favorites. Good site suggestions, too. I go to TJ's, often, find it hit or miss since I'm just going by the labels. I knew I'd get some good leads here. Thanks, all!

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              Since you mentioned local vineyards, I thought I'd share our favorite recent find - Veritas in Charlottesville. So it's not a stone's throw, but well worth the drive. By far the nicest tasting room in VA, and I think it rivals Linden and Barboursville, which are our favorite VA wines.

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                I'll give it a try--thanks! I do like Barboursville and Linden, too. It can be a nice day trip.