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Dec 2, 2006 07:31 PM

Just Moved to Summit, NJ (from Brooklyn) and struggling to find good food! Help.

Where to eat? Roots Steakhouse is supposed to be good, but has a 3-week wait. What else is there? Thanks

Starving in NJ..

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  1. what kind of food are you looking for?

    1. Focaccia on Morris Ave. is very good. Monster Sushi isn't bad.

      1. Yes, La Foccaccia is an excellent restaurant. Another great place thats a good value is La Pastaria. Its very casual and they have an extensive menu. They have probably one of the bes lasagne's that i've ever had!!
        Another good place in summit Brix. I don't know if you like very trendy food, but thats waht this place is. Its asian inspired, but very good. It's right accross from the Train Station
        Monster Sushi is good for a chain. Not the best sushi in the area though!

        Are you willing to go out of Summit because i can definitely recommend places in the surrounding areas!!

        1. if your looking for a great steak in summit, you should try the Hunt Club in the Summit Hotel. Their food definitley gives Roots a run for their money and their prices are better too. i also agree with niko on brix 67 and finally i would reccomend fiorinos for wonderful italian food.

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            I live in Summit and have never been to the Hunt Club at the Hotel so I ought to try it (Roots is over-rated). My issue with Fiorino's is that every time I go there the waitstaff is sort of aggressive in rushing me through the dinner . . . for the price, they ought to chill a little bit. I think that they are somehow related to La Focacia, which in some ways is better becasue it is BYOB so yousave a lot on that end.

            38 Maple St., Summit, NJ 07901

            1. re: DRex357

              Went to the Hunt Club for brunch one day and was completely disappointed in the food. The service was fine though.

          2. i'm from east hanover, it's not too far of a drive. avellino's on ridgedale avenue is a great italian restaurant/deli, really casual. the owners barely speak english they're that italian ;-)

            i understand the area is not the best for good food. if i think of anything else, will inform.

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              I just tried Avellino's a few days ago based on the recommendation of a friend. It was very disappointing. In all fairness, I only had two slices of pizza, but it was not good. I got the impression it had been made many hours earlier and then simply reheated. It was served to me lukewarm and the congealed cheese had not even remelted completely. The sauce tasted like it was from a can; a bit watery and devoid of any real flavor. The dough was rubbery and had a raw flour taste. On the theory that all restaurants have a bad day, I'd be willing to try Avellino's again, especially since I’ve seen many positive reviews of the restaurant, but based one my visit I wouldn't recommend it.