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need suggestions for after Walters Museum Baltimore

We are driving down from Philly on Thursday to see the exhibit at the Walters Art Gallery.

We would like suggestions for dinner at a place that is:
not too noisy
not Asian, Indian or Mexican
not too far a ride
not ultra-fancy - no jacket and tie place

Years ago we used to go to an old-fashioned Italian restaurant - I think it was called Marconi's - but I don't know if it even exits any more, or if it's any good.

Italian, American, seafood, steak - any of those would be okay.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sotto Sopra is a couple of blocks south of the Walters on Charles Street. It's Italian and the pastas are delicious.

    1. iggies. a BYOB pizza place on charles.

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        Psst... Calvert, not Charles.

      2. The Brewers Art is a short ride away on Charles Street.
        Great Belgian beers and well prepared foods(for sure try the garlic rosemary fries). Both dining room and a bar area
        very comfortable.
        Yes Marconi's is no longer...another venerable institution Peter Angelos has managed to oblivion

          1. Sascha's is also on Charles St and offers great food with reasonable specials

            1. saffron is located 1 block north of the museum on charles. the cuisine is contemporary american.

              1. i'd also second iggies on calvert. not a big fan of sotta sopra. no real culinary technique/zeal involved in making overcooked pasta swimming in liquid.

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                  Sotto Sopra used to be so nice...is it really that bad? Haven't been in ages.

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                    i think the restaurant had success recruiting young italian recruits from overseas pre-9/11, lax work visas.

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                      I know this was the practice for many years after Ricardo "retired" his apron. I knew several of the guys he brought over but I guess all good things must come to an end.

                2. If you're looking for steak. the best Baltimore has to offer is at the original Prime Rib on Calvert Street, about 1/2 mile away. There's a newer one in Philly as well. Pricey but worth it.

                  1. except the OP said no tie and jacket,... that eliminates the Prime Rib.

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                      on Thursdays at Prime Rib they have less expensive items and a relaxed dress code. By the way, what does OP stand for? Original poster? I've never been sure.

                    2. Beware... Thursday is the Monument Lighting in the park next to the Walters. Usually a big crowd and most of the restaurants in the area get hit pretty hard. Reservations are a must. The lighting starts around 6 pm. Should be an added bit of fun for your trip though.

                      1. Thanks so much for all the great suggestions.

                        Our trip for this Thursday was just cancelled (our friends had to cancel) and we will have to reschedule. That solves the problem of the crowds for this Thursday!

                        I am saving all these suggestions, because we hope to come down before the Courbet exhibit ends. It looks like we'll have many good choices of where to eat.

                        You have a great Board and I've enjoyed reading the posts.
                        Thanks again.

                        Sylvia in Philly

                        1. I'm just happy you'll be seeing the Courbet exhibition! I second the Sascha's tip. It's very close-by, and its eclectic men should satisfy most tastes.

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                          1. Is Afghan fare out? The Walters is a hop and a skip from the best Afghan restaurant around, the Helmand (www.helmand.com) on N. Charles St. It would be very worth your while to give it a try. See all the local boards for opinions about this restaurant -- they're generally very enthusiastic.

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                              Yum... the Helmand is a great rec.

                            2. A small caveat re. Sascha's : I think maybe Thursday (when the OP is planning her visit) is Jazz Night.

                              1. sylviag - if you are the one who steered me to Overtures in Philly, I owe you one! I would recommend walking a few block north to the Brass Elephant at 924 N. Charles. http://host143.ipowerweb.com/~brassel...
                                The menu has been nicely updated and it has some of the most classic decor in town - yet it is casual enough that a jacket and tie are not required.

                                I'll add my $.02 to the chorus of those who have been sorely disappointed by Sotta Sopra recently, and Saschas is more of a lunch soup/salad/sandwich place. Iggies is ultra casual and funky (counter service, set your own table, mismatched everything...) - not a dinner destination.

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                                  galleycat, that was me. So glad you enjoyed Overtures.
                                  We've had to postpone our Baltimore trip from this week, but thanks for the suggestion. Everything sounds so good that we're just going to have to start driving down on a regular basis!
                                  It's a pleasure reading an active Board like this one.
                                  When we do get to the Walters - soon, I hope - I'll report back.

                                2. About Sascha's being a lunch soup/salad/sandwich place -- not so. It is by day just that, but by night it's a proper dinner-y restaurant with table service, full entrees, bar service, etc. I'm pushing it a little only because it is so very convenient to the Walters -- the OP won't have to re-park. I'm still worried about the jazz, though.

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                                    Don't worry about Jazz night. It's just an added bonus. The bands are very mellow and it doesn't cost any extra. plus they start at either 7 or 8 pm so an early diner won't even notice.

                                  2. helmand, afghan food. make a resevation.