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Dec 2, 2006 07:30 PM

need suggestions for after Walters Museum Baltimore

We are driving down from Philly on Thursday to see the exhibit at the Walters Art Gallery.

We would like suggestions for dinner at a place that is:
not too noisy
not Asian, Indian or Mexican
not too far a ride
not ultra-fancy - no jacket and tie place

Years ago we used to go to an old-fashioned Italian restaurant - I think it was called Marconi's - but I don't know if it even exits any more, or if it's any good.

Italian, American, seafood, steak - any of those would be okay.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sotto Sopra is a couple of blocks south of the Walters on Charles Street. It's Italian and the pastas are delicious.

    1. iggies. a BYOB pizza place on charles.

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        Psst... Calvert, not Charles.

      2. The Brewers Art is a short ride away on Charles Street.
        Great Belgian beers and well prepared foods(for sure try the garlic rosemary fries). Both dining room and a bar area
        very comfortable.
        Yes Marconi's is no longer...another venerable institution Peter Angelos has managed to oblivion

          1. Sascha's is also on Charles St and offers great food with reasonable specials